What To Look For When Buying A Cordless Lawn Mower

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2020)

In all areas of life, as more options become available, the harder it will be to decide which one is the best. And the same goes for cordless lawnmowers. Not long ago, there were really very few options, but now that the battery technology of cordless lawnmower has improved, they have become widely available and more models have appeared on the market.

When looking at the available models, you will see that they come in different voltage ratings; typically 24V and 36V. This gives an indication of engine power. Cordless lawn mowers generally do not have the same amount of energy as gas mowers, but what they do have is enough for the job. However, for larger areas, for lawns with difficult areas or if you are someone who tends to let the grass grow a little more, then you should consider a higher voltage model.

Important consideration is how long the battery charge lasts. This is particularly important if you have a large area to cut. Larger models will cover up to a third of an acre with a single load; other models are slightly less. However, if your lawn is larger than this, then you have the option of buying a model with a removable battery and then buying a second battery. In this way, all you need to do is use it until the charge of the first battery runs out and then exchange them. This is usually a very simple operation and only takes a few minutes.

The only option available to deal with grass clippings was to pick them up in the back bag (usually to place them on a pile of compost) or remove the bag and allow the clipper to unload the clippings from the bag. These days, he now also has a coverage option: this is where the cuts are cut very small and then unloaded from the lawnmower on the lawn. The theory is that this fine mulch will rot and feed your grass. In addition, instead of unloading clippings from the back of the mower, they generally have a side discharge configuration.

Unlike gas mowers, most wireless mowers are not usually self-propelled, although they are not as heavy, so they are very easy to push. However, there are self-propelled models available, so if this is an important feature for you, you should keep this in mind.

Perhaps the most important issue to consider for many people is the price. As expected, wireless mowers come in a range of prices; the particular variables include how powerful it is and simply how big the mower is. Obviously, if you pay more for your mower, you will get a model that will probably last longer, be more powerful and have a longer battery charge.

Simply put, wireless lawnmowers are just electric lawnmowers, but instead of attaching them to the longest wall outlet you can find, such as classic lawnmowers, they will have a battery that users can recharge very easily. In this way, they will have all the advantages that a gas lawn mower offers, but with cables.


The most important advantages of wireless mowers is the fact that they are very safe compared to classic mowers. Why? Because many cases have been reported when that fast-rotating blade has come into contact with the cable and therefore caused the person to suffer serious injuries and, in some cases, electrocution that led to death. Yes, I know you can also use a circuit breaker to keep things safe, but wouldn’t it be even safer to remove this from the image permanently?

Another advantage is that you will never have to store gasoline and load it to refill every time you need to use it. Gasoline can also be very dangerous, especially on those hot summer days and could burn your home.

Compared to other lawnmowers, all you will have to do to provide proper maintenance is to sharpen the blades once a year and clean them from time to time. As, there are no messy parts.



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