Impact Wrench Maintenance Tips

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

To cut down your time, labor, and effort, choosing an effective and handy tool of impact wrench is the best option for you. This tool is available in various types where you can get electric, manual, air compression, and hydraulic versions. The main purpose of using this tool is to provide a certain torque. Most people use this tool for turning the screws, bolts, or nuts easily.

If you want your tool to run smoothly and extend the lifespan, make sure you give your impact wrench proper maintenance and care. Let’s discuss few important tips below:

Avoid Using Incorrect Sockets Or Bits

As you start working with the impact wrench, make sure the bits and sockets are going in one direction accordingly. By using the wrong sockets, you can put yourself at the risk of breaking the parts. And it can even increase the chance of facing injuries or accidents.

Inspect Your Cords Regularly

Avoid dragging or dropping the power tool. Once you ensure that the impact wrench has been switched off, you should handle it with the help of a handle. Plus, you should also check the cords for any sort of signs related to wear and tear. Avoid using those impact wrenches that have the damaged cords.

Check All The Parts Regularly

If you feel that few parts of your tool show signs of damage or are not aligned properly, you should immediately repair it. Make sure you take help from a professional repairing expert for better maintenance. Inspect it carefully before switching it on.

Clean & Maintaining Accessories

Make sure you keep all your wrench accessories away from wet conditions or sunlight. Excessive heat will damage them even more. They should be clean from dirt and debris. Sometimes the accumulated dirt can also cause some misalignment or the jamming of parts, which can also damage the tool.

Never Apply Any Excessive Torque

Applying an excessive torque will be damaging the studs or the sockets with which you have been working. This can also cause accidents. Make sure you cover the impact wrench housing through the protective cover so you can protect it from various elements.

Clean & Storing The Impact Wrench After Using It

Once you have used the impact wrench, make sure you lubricate and clean it with some lubricating oil. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area.  You just have to pour the tool oil into any inlet and then just turn on the tool for some time. This will also ensure the finest lubrication of various moving parts. Avoid the cleaning and lubrication of the products, which includes detergent.

Inspecting The Impact Wrench Regularly

The last and most important tip is about checking the impact wrench on a regular basis. If you want to maintain the impact wrench, make sure you regularly measure the torque output. Once your impact wrench has been turned both ways, make sure it is producing the required working torque. You can also perform it with the help of a qualified technician.



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