Best Portable Generators For Power Tools 2021

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

The thing about generators is that they do not create energy rather they covert the energy either it’s chemical energy or mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators are a portable type of machine that provides electricity. Whenever there is a shortage of power, the generator works backup that supplies power to many homes and businesses. But generators are also being used in those areas where the primary source of power is unavailable and the local grid is difficult to access when it comes to mining, new construction sites, and farming operations.

Many different reasons that lead people to buy portable generators. Either it is for camping or hobbies, that can be provided by electrical generators that are small portable devices or for construction teams to generate their power tools. Portable generators always come in handy whenever we are facing any power outlet shortage no matter where we are we can easily carry a small portable generator to get us through a small inconvenience. Don’t you want to know the best generators for power tools to make your life easier and convenient? Here is the list of one of the Best Portable Generators For Power Tools.

Best Portable Generators For Power Tools (Comparison)

Champion 1005553500 Watts102.1 lbs Check Price
Champion 1004022000 Watts47.6 lbs Check Price
AIMTOM SPS-500540 Wh11 lbs Check Price


Champion 100555

Champion 100555

Number 1 on our list is “Champion” Power Equipment that is the leader of the market when it comes to power generators. Champion has years of expertise when it comes to providing reliable and durable power products. They are both designed and engineered in the United States of America and for the whole world. Champion generators are both best for home, work, or play. Champion products are the standard when it comes to excellent performance. They make sure that their products make your life easier and convenient.

Power & Safety

The convenience and versatile power is the best thing about the Champion 100555 generator, which has a great power of 3500-watt. At propane, the starting watts are 4375 and running watts are 3500. Also, It comes with VoltGuard, which acts as a built-in protector that will make sure to prevent any sort of overload that won’t risk your safety measures. You get to enjoy up to 12 hours of run time when you have your gasoline tank full. That is great, isn’t it? Having a generator that is as safe as well as convenient


One of the best things about Champion Generator is that it has a low oil shut-off sensor that means it would automatically shut off when the generator is running out of gasoline. How safe is that? Empty generators can destroy their motors which are quite expensive to get fixed. However, if you use this generator you won’t have to worry about checking up on the oil every now and then. The generator is designed in a way that it’ll do your task, leaving you tension free. Moreover, there is also an included oil funnel making it easier for you to change gasoline.

Champion Generator unit has a 0.6-quart oil capacity (recommended 10W-30).  You can always rely on the Champion generators 208cc engine that would save you up to 12 hours of energy source that could help you, whenever there is a breakthrough in the power outlet.


The biggest drawback of any portable generator is the voices it makes. That can disturb your sleep if you decide to open it during a night surge of a lower outlet or during a party, but fret not Champion generator has one of the lowest magnitudes of voice when you start it over 23 feet with as low as a 63 dBA of voice. It makes sure not to disturb you during camping with friends or a picnic out with family. It’s extremely quiet, making your experience better than ever.


Another thing about Champion is that there packaging is hassle-free. It comes with clear directions to make the setup. You won’t face any sort of issues when setting up the product since its a piece of cake. The guide makes sure to explain each and everything for you so that you don’t face any sort of difficulties at all. Other than that they provide the service centers that you can always reach out to. They make sure to listen to all your queries, and solving each and every issue regarding the product. Also, the Champion generator comes with a 3-year warranty. Great, right?

DurableNo Wheels Making It Difficult To Move It Around
Great Running Power For Almost 5 Days
Less Noisy



Champion 100402

Champion 100402

The number 2 on our list of greatest portable generators for power tools is the Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverted generator which is one of the most amazing generators in the market. This champion generator is best for wheeling it around no matter where you go because of its portable size and easy maintenance. Champion has always made sure to provide one with the best quality generators out there, making it easier for you to use them and making your experience better than ever.


The reason this versatile and innovative generator is the second-best generator in our list is because of its great power. This champion generator comes with a 2000-watt Dual-fuel portable generator. That relies on its 80cc engine that can give you a good running power of 11 hours. It even doubles your power if you buy an RV with it that maximizes 30 amps of power. It’s extremely perfect for you to use your power tools.

Dual Fuel

One of the reliable things about Champion Power Equipment is that it works both on gasoline and propane. On starting the generator you kick it starts with EZ dial that allows you to easily switch between the fuels. If you use gasoline, it produces 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts however if you use propane it will product 1800 starting watts and 1440 running watts. It’s all up to you what fuel you want to go for. Moreover, this champion generator ensures you a quick kick start in the cold weather with the dual-fuel technology. This generator even gives you an LED power switch that guides you with refueling in the dark.


Champion Power Equipment is one of the quietest portable generators you can find. The Champion inverter gives you a standard 53 dBA from as long as 23 feet. Isn’t it convenient? To have a portable generator that has about the same noise level as low as a dishwasher. It won’t interrupt you one bit when you’re working with your power tools!


Champion comes with clear directions to make the setup hassle-free. Other than that they provide the service centers that you can always reach out to. Champion comes with a 3-year warranty

Dual FuelStarting Rope Ripping Issues
No Noise Issues
Easy To Move Around






Last but not the least, here at number 3 we have this exceptional generator from AIMTOM, the SPS-500. The company manufactures loads of products and makes sure to make all of them with high-quality materials, making your life easier. AIMTOM makes sure to make your experiences great with the help of its well-skilled engineers.


AIMTOM brings to you lithium battery powered generators, making your life easier than ever. You don’t have to worry about your generator running out of fuel every now and then, the battery makes sure to be convenient for you. The battery automatically manages output and optimizes charging and discharging. How great does that sound? Battery-powered generators have a huge demand in the market and this one is one of the best sellers out there. I’d say it’s quite worth it considering the quality of its battery and everything else combined.


Another great feature is that it comes with a massive 540 Watt Hour capacity power station. You can run several different devices on it such as smartphones, lamps, fans, laptops, drones, mini- fridges, power tools, and much much more. Use it anywhere you like without worrying about your devices.


Moreover, another great feature is that you can easily recharge your generator anytime, anywhere. It can either be easily recharged with AIMTOMS solar panels that are sold separately or can be recharged from a wall outlet that fully recharges in 7 hours. Other than that, you can recharge from a carport as well or using a gas-powered generator. How convenient! If you’re on your way to somewhere that has a long drive, simply recharge your generator from your carport. Other than that, if you’re willing to charge it from a wall outlet, make sure you charge it from an AC wall output since that’ll be able to recharge it. It also comes with an inbuilt Mppt controller that optimizes high efficiency for solar charging. Simply recharge it using a solar panel on a sunny day. It’ll save up your power in the long run and will be quiet pocket friendly for you.

Safety & Design

The product is quite safe for one to use. It comes with an advanced BMS that keeps your battery safe and makes sure all your devices are safe from short circuits, overloads, high temperatures, overcharging, or anything of that sort. We all worry about all of this stuff, don’t we? However you don’t have to worry anymore if you’re using the AIMTOM battery-powered generator. Moreover, the pure shine wave ax output will provide you with clean power which will result to be quite safe for sensitive electronics. Run anything on it without worrying about it getting damaged. AIMTOM makes sure to make your life easier.

Moreover, another great thing is the way the generator has been designed. The generator comes with 3 level adjustable LED lights and also an LCD screen enabling you to check the power consumption, battery capacity, and the remaining time. You can easily look at all of these things using the screen and you’re good to go.

Another great thing is that the product is extremely easy to carry around. It’s best for anyone who’s looking for a good generator to carry it around with them. The generator is just 10’’ long and it’s not at all heavy making it easier for you to make it from one place to another.

Good Quality ProductCan't Plug In Anything That Gets Too Hot
Takes Up Less Space
Easy To Use




Now that you’ve had a look at the top 3 generators for your power tools, choose the one that you like the most. All of the products are from well-known brands out there and once you start using them, you’ll have no complaints.


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