Best Impact Wrench For Scaffolding 2021

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2021)

Impact wrenches have always been under-appreciated inside the general power tool market. They are extremely handy to use if you are choosing to take off the old bolts tiring and are considering choosing the more motorized impact to assist you out.

You are free to choose the cordless impact wrenches, or you can also choose air impact wrenches. Both of these models differ in terms of cost and features, so make sure you choose the one which goes according to your requirements and needs.

So with that being said, right here, we have compiled a list of Best Impact Wrench For Scaffolding to pick the excellent one right now. Let’s have a quick look:

Best Impact Wrench For Scaffolding (Comparison)

WrenchPower Source 
KIMO 3302Battery Powered Check Price
Prostormer PTET1003D01Battery Powered Check Price
LYYJIAJU Impact WrenchBattery Powered Check Price


KIMO 3302

KIMO 3302

KIMO is known to be the most famous brand which offers the best power tools made out of battery-powered and electric models. This brand offers the best quality ratchet wrench set, which is powered by a battery and has so much to offer.

KIMO 3302 is the most reliable and durable set of the wrench, which has excellent build quality. For the customers, it has a 2-year long warranty which makes it so much better and effective to use. Due to its excellent durable nature, you can use it for long years.

In terms of wrench set performance, it is available with the 12-volt battery system. It has been rated at 2.0 Ah, with which you will be able to use the wrench decently. The battery system will allow you to reach the limit of 400 RPM motor speed very easily. Moreover, the torque rating has 40 feet pounds, which is excellent for a battery-powered ratchet wrench.

Key Features

  • Electric motor power has a rating of 12 volts
  • ⅜ inch of ratchet wrench size
  • 2-year customer long warranty
  • Battery life has a rating of 2.0 Ah
  • 400 RPM powerful motor speed rating
  • 40 feet pounds of torque rating

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Durable & PowerfulHas A Larger Side
Excellent 12-volt Motor
Longer Battery Life



Prostormer PTET1003D01

Prostormer PTET1003D01

Prostromer is known to be a well-known brand for delivering the best power accessories and tools. At an affordable cost, you can buy this reliable tool kit. Prostormer PTET1003D01 ratchet wrench set is third on our list due to the availability of a wide range of accessories such as the ratchet tool itself, as well as a carrying case with a battery and charger, and multiple sockets. You will also get a socket adapter and a wide range of other accessories for ease of use.

This motor has been powered by the standard 12 volts as well as 2000 mAh or 2.0 Ah-battery for excellent performance and long battery life. Plus, you will also get 30 feet pounds-feet torque alongside an average motor speed of almost 230 RPM. It has a weight of 1.85 pounds that simply makes it come across to be a great portable option.

Key Features

  • The electric powerful motor power rating of 12 volts
  • ⅜ inch of ratchet wrench size
  • The 1-year long customer warranty
  • The battery life rating is 2.0 Ah
  • 230 RPM powerful motor speed rating
  • 30 feet pounds of best torque rating

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Excellent Torque RatingMotor Speed Rating Needs Some Improvement
Available With All Accessories



LYYJIAJU Impact Wrench

LYYJIAJU Impact Wrench

For the LYYJIAJU, you can look for various power tool offerings that are obviously in the high user rating. They are offering the best quality ratchet wrench set, which is included with some advanced features.

This cordless electric ratchet best wrench is on top of our list due to the powerful and decent performance of the electric model. You will be able to get a powerful 12-volt battery system within this ratchet, which has a rating of 2000 mAh or 2.0 Ah. Plus, it is also available with the two batteries inside the box to have an effective battery life.

For the customers, it is available with 1 year of long battery warranty, which makes it extremely better in functioning. As regards the construction and build have been concerned, it is available with ⅜ inch wrench as well as 2 batteries, 1 charger, plus 8 bolts. All these bolts can reach almost 280 RPM with a torque of 35 feet pounds through this electric motor.

Key Features

  • Electric motor powerful rating of 12 volts
  • ⅜ inch of ratchet wrench size
  • 1-year customer long warranty
  • The battery life of 2.0 Ah
  • 280 RPM rating of motor speed
  • 35 feet pounds of torque rating

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Excellent PerformanceBuild Quality Needs To Be A Little Better
Heavy Duty Torque Rating



Buying Guide To Choose Best Ratchet Wrench Set

By searching around, you will find different types of wrench sets that are available for various users and different applications. We have already mentioned a few for you in the article for your help. But many of us do find an issue to choose the best one. So here we have a detailed buying guide for you to figure out which of the wrench set is an excellent one for you. Have a look below:

  • Wrench Size

Ratchet wrenches are available in various sizes to pick the one which suits best on your requirements and needs. Every user is different from another model in terms of users and applications. The smaller sizes such as ⅜ inch or ½ inch, are best for the simpler applications, and larger wrenches such as 1 ⅜ inch or 1 ½ inch size are being used for industrial usage. Each of the sizes is better in its performance and can be used for various applications.

  • Power Type

All the wrench sets which we have mentioned above for you are all powered models, and they use various power sources for powering the wrench mechanism. You can also choose either electric ones or also pneumatic ones. Compared to other models, battery-powered and electric models are highly practical. As they are all powered through the use of the battery, you won’t get tethered by the power cord or air hose.

As you will require an air compressor for the pneumatic ratchet wrenches, you will generally get much extra performance out of the ratchet wrench sets.

  • Power Rating

As you choose your required power type, you have to be sure that the powered ratchet wrench is extra powerful for your working system. Almost all the models of the wrench set will offer its user the option to set a power rating according to their convenience.

For the electric wrenches, the power rating is around 12 volt or 20 volts, in which the higher 20-volt rating will result in better performance. When it comes to the pneumatic ratchet wrenches, the power rating will be 80 PSI or 110 PSI. Similar to the electric models, the range of higher power rating of 110 PSI will showcase a better performance within the specific ratchet wrench.

  • Battery Life

The best thing about an electric ratchet wrench is that you can use it for long hours. Its usage duration will, although vary based on the model you have selected due to the given battery life rating.

As is already expected, the rating of the wrench battery life has to be higher so you can easily use it for long hours. The rating has to be in the course of Ah or mAh as 2.0 Ah or either 2000 mAh. A set of higher ratings will result in higher battery life.

  • Torque Rating

The torque ranking of any ratchet wrench is yet something that hence typically receives neglected out by most of the customers out there. Although, if you wish to use your ratchet wrench set for heavy-duty applications, then checking its overall torque ranking is quite important.

It hence ensures that you are in a position to tighten up all given nuts and bolts at the required torque rating. This torque ranking is yet given as 20 toes kilos or almost40 ft pounds. Out of these two options, the greater set of a ranking of 40 ft kilos is considered to be the better one for industrial usage.

  • Motor Speed

Another ranking of the powered ratchet wrench that just without delay impacts the overall performance is known to be the motor speed. This hence tells you the wide variety of instances your wrench’s motor is all the more rotating or spinning each minute.

Generally, a motor that is all spinning more than one instance or even has excessive power consequences in terms of higher performance! You can discover the whole motor pace ranking of specific ratchet wrenches given in the RPM or rounds per minute. This will consist of choices like 400 RPM or 250 RPM, where the former ranking of the 400 RPM outcomes in higher overall performance for most customers and so as their applications.

  • Accessories Or Kit Pieces

As evident from the name, all of the ratchets wrenches noted inside this article come out as protected with the special add-ons as a whole new set. Because of this, you have to additionally take a look at the add-ons and a variety of different package portions that you locate blanketed with the exclusive ratchet wrenches out there.

This can encompass a few of the elements just like wrench bits, adapters, as well as carrying cases, or greater tools, plus batteries, chargers, and so much more. While such add-ons would possibly not amplify the overall performance of a given ratchet wrench, they can simply make your ordinary experience much better. Apart from that, you additionally get a higher deal in terms of the price for cash if you purchase a ratchet wrench set that affords a lot of covered accessories.

  • Build Quality & Product Warranty

If you are using a ratchet wrench for a wide range of purposes and different uses, it can face so much wear and tear over time. As a result, now and again, your wrench can even face problems brought on due to this.

Hence, you have to look out for the ratchet wrenches that are available with the manufacturer’s warranty. While most of the major preferences out there provide a 1-year warranty, some models may also appear with a 2-year long warranty. Other than the element of warranty, you can additionally grab a look over the construction of the given ratchet wrench as it needs to be sturdy and well-constructed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How you can easily maintain an impact wrench?

To maintain your impact wrench, you should unplug the tool after use and read the manual guide carefully. You should avoid using incorrect sockets with your tool and for the air model; you should make sure you check the device for any moisture now and then.

What is the main use of impact wrench?

This tool is used for tightening or loosening the nuts or bolts. You can also use it for the removal of rusted fastenings.

What is the difference between impact drivers & impact wrenches?

Although they have similar names, impact drivers are used for the drilling of long screws into wood or metal surfaces, whereas impact wrenches are used for smoothly loosening tight nuts or bolts.

Can you easily tighten lug nuts with the help of an impact wrench?

Yes, you can! But you should be careful about it due to the placement of torque in it. In case you are using it for the first time, you should finish them with the ratchet.



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