A Guide On What Portable Generator Size Do You Need?

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2020)

Generators are quite helpful for us in our day to day lives, right? They help us out when the power is off and end up being quite convenient for us. Generators come in many different sizes and all of them have their own capacity. You need to understand stuff such as what generator size will be enough for you to run your electronics such as refrigerator, freezers, or tv on. If you’re someone who’s confused about the size of the generator they should get, have a look down below. All your queries will be solved.

Now a portable generator is the one you can take anywhere you like. It can be a picnic, an outdoor party, camping or basically anything. There are a few factors you must consider when buying a portable generator. However, the most concerning factor are the size of the generator.

Power You Need

Now, the first thing you must understand is the power you need for your generator. Now if you’re someone who wants to buy it for adventurous purposes such as camping, picnic, parties, or anything of that sort, you don’t really need a high watt generator. A small, portable generator is enough for you and will do the job easily.

However if you need it for a construction site or an official purpose, you will need a larger sized generator. It is suggested that you take advice from an electrician, telling him about the needs you require from your generator.

You must look at the watts of the generator when buying one. Calculate all the watts that are needed by you to run your appliances on and then decide the size of the generator you’ll need. It’s that simple!

Watts Required

Here is the guide for you to calculate the watts required in order to get the perfect sized generator for yourself.

  • Firstly, make a list of all the types of equipment you want to run the generator on
  • Now, have a look at the starting wattage and the running wattage for your equipment. The starting wattage is the energy that is needed to run the equipment however the running wattage is the energy needed to operate it. You can easily have a look at these numbers from the user manual.
  • Now, add up all these numbers and calculate the total power that is required.
  • Moreover, if you can’t find watts for your items, simply multiply the voltage by amperes. If you still can’t find the wattage, look online. You’ll definitely find it there.
  • Now for example, if the total wattage needed by you is 3000 watts, you can get a generator of 3500 watts just to be on the safe side.

One must make sure to get the right-sized generators for themselves to make sure not to cause huge disasters. Generators are a one-time investment, you must get the right one after taking everything under consideration especially the size of it.



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