What Is HDR Gaming?

(Last Updated On: July 6, 2020)

Who doesn’t love gaming, right? Whenever we’re bored or want to spend some good, quality time with our friends we love playing games. Now, what exactly is HDR gaming? Is it really worth it or not? Let’s have a look.

HDR stands for high dynamic range. HDR is now widely used all over the world due to how great it is. At first, it was used for videos; however, with the passage of time, people started HDR gaming as well. I’m sure you’ve heard of HDR videos, right? There’s not much difference between HRD gaming and videos. They are almost the same. Basically, HDR makes your image quality a lot better. It provides you with a more realistic and immersive picture that makes your viewing experience quite great.

In order to experience HDR gaming, you need to have a gaming console that supports HDR. These include XBOX, One S, Xbox One X, PS4, and PS4 Pro. However, even if you opt for HDR, remember, not all HDR is created equally. Creating HDR requires a lot of different stuff combined together that delivers you excellent HDR. However, it’s possible that different devices end up delivering different HDR. It comes in many different forms.

Advantages Of HDR

Dark Scenes

Now we all experience loads of dark scenes when playing a game, right? Be it killing a group of zombies or racing all over the city. There are loads of dark scenes we come across, and the only reason you’re able to view each and everything even in the darkest of scenes is because of HDR. The HDR in dark scenes it more diverse and makes sure you can kill your enemies quite easily. HDR has the ability to show both dark and bright images in detail.

Better Brightness & Contrast

Another great benefit of HDR gaming is that you get to experience a better brightness and contrast level. The HDR increases contrast by increasing brightness. Standard dynamic range TVs usually generate 300 to 500 hits; however, HDR TVs product much higher. They can produce up to 2000 nits of brightness for your ease.


HDR supports a wide range of colors. It supports billions of shades of colors to deliver the perfect image to you. It has a huge color palette, making sure to deliver a very realistic image to you.

Overall Better Image

An HDR is made with many different things combined. It makes sure to deliver an incredible image to you. A much brighter one with a good contest ratio, different shades of color, and a lot more. This makes your viewing experience 10x better.


Is It Worth It?

I’d say if you’re a gamer, then you should definitely opt for HDR gaming. This will make your experience a lot better due to the amazing image quality it delivers. You can easily view each and everything in detail, even in dark scenes. This makes it easier for you to play the game and to kill your enemies. With HDR, you’ll have a gaming experience you’ll love for sure!



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