What Is 4K Resolution?

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2020)

Who doesn’t love TVs, right? One of the greatest creations of all times would be the development of TVs. No matter where you go, you’ll definitely find a tv there. It is our go-to for entertainment, purposes, no? Whether you want to watch a movie, news, sports, or basically anything, tv is our best friend.

Now we’ve heard of different resolutions TVs come in, no? Today, we’ll talk about the hyped, 4K resolution TVs. The real question is, what exactly is 4K Resolution? Why is it so loved all over the world, and what makes it so different?

Today, we’ve got the answer to all your questions. Have a look!

4K & Resolution

Firstly, let’s have a look at what 4K and Resolution is. 4K is basically a type of display resolution. However, a resolution is simply the number of pixels a tv can show. It is the pixels displayed across your TV screens width and height.

4K Resolution

4K basically brings lots and lots of pixels to your home tv. It makes your viewing experience a lot better for the visual detail and clarity it delivers. 4K Resolution has 8,294400 pixels, to be exact. It creates crisper images and makes your tv capable of showing more details than the standard HD.

A device with a resolution of 4K is loved all over the world. The images are so great that you won’t have to sit close to the tv, which is great for the eyes too. How great! A 4kresolution displays 3840 x 2160 pixels vertically. It is 4 times as many pixels than a 1080p screen.


More Detail

Firstly, the best part about getting a 4k tv is that it delivers sharp and detailed images. It shows you each and everything on the screen. Be it a star in the sky or a little ant in the grass, you’ll have a look at each and everything.

Better Colors

Another great thing is that a 4k resolution tv makes sure to deliver excellent, bright images. The Resolution adds a sense of 3D to your images, giving you a great experience.


Another great thing is that 4K TVs aren’t that expensive either. Yeah, sure they’re not that cheap too, but you won’t have to spend buckets of money on them. They come at different prices with a bunch of great features you’ll love for sure.

Image Depth

A 4k resolution display has the ability to add more depth to your image. It makes sure to render finer detail, making sure you have a great viewing experience. You can defiantly detect the difference between a standard display and 4K resolution tv due to the difference in the image depth.


4K Resolution is quite great, and most of the TVs out there come with it. They are loved by people due to the great images they provide us with. Also, there’s nothing too complicated about them either. Once you start using them, there’s no going back!



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