Ultrawide vs. Dual Monitors: Which Is The Best Overall Setup?

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2020)

Now we all know what monitors are, don’t we? We’ve either used them at our school or seen them somewhere. They have proven to be a great deal since they came into existence and have been quite beneficial for one. There are loads and loads of companies out there who manufacture them and make sure they result to be quite convenient for one.

There are different kinds of monitors developed. The most common ones are ultrawide monitors and dual monitors. Now both of them have their own differences and features. Let’s have a look at which monitor will result be the best one for you.

What Are Dual Monitors?

Now, if you’re wondering what dual monitors actually are, let me explain it to you. Dual monitors are basically two monitors that are used side by side to extend the screen and increase your work efficiency. Both of them have an average size and are placed one next to another. They come with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

What Are Ultrawide Monitors?

Ultrawide monitor is a monitor that is huge in size. This means it comes with an extended screen so that you can have an even better experience. The monitor comes with an aspect ratio of 21:9, which is basically what the ratio of a movie theatre.

The Difference

  • Screen:

With a dual monitor, you get to work on two different screens, right? However, with an Ultrawide monitor, you get to work on one single widescreen. This will improve your work consistency and won’t be a problem at all.

  • Setup

Now we all know setting up 2 different devices is harder than one. If you get dual monitors, you’ll have to set both of them up. It may take up your time, and it’s possible one of the monitors might be stuck in between or face any sort of issue. However, if you go for an ultrawide monitor, you will have to set up one device, not two of them.

  • Aspect Ratio

As mentioned earlier, dual monitors come with an aspect ratio of 16:9; however, an ultrawide monitor comes with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Who doesn’t love a clear image, right? If you go for an ultrawide monitor, the image will be much clearer to you.

  • Convenience

Now working on two devices at a time can get annoying for one. You’ll have to switch screens every now and then which can result to be a headache. But if you go for an ultrawide monitor, you’ll just have to work on one single screen without facing any difficulty. You can even split up the screen and work on a task easily.


After having a look at all the differences, it’s pretty clear that you should definitely opt for an ultrawide monitor if you’re confused between the two. It will result in being a lot better than getting dual monitors. The advantages of getting an ultrawide monitor definitely out weight the advantages of dual monitors!



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