How To Print On Cardstock?

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2021)

We all find the need to print out our documents every now and then. Printing on a simple A4 sized paper is an easy job, however, when it comes to printing on heavier paper types such as card stocks, it gets a little complicated.

Now if you’re wondering how can you get the best possible print out on cardstock, you need to follow a bunch of tips and you’re good to go. Whether you want to print out cards for an upcoming wedding, or an invite to a party, the guide will help you out.

Look Into:

Firstly, the thing you need to make sure is whether your printer supports card stock or not. There are loads of printers out there that are not equipped to handle heavier papers. If you try to print on card stock with the printer that doesn’t support it, your printer might get damaged. Have a look at the guide you get with your printer. Also, you can have a look at the media weight to find out what weight of paper your printer supports. If it’s not contrary to the weight of card stock, you can use the printer.

Secondly, you need to adjust the printer tray. You can easily do so by following the user manual. The exact way to do that is to go to the control panel of your printer and open up paper handling. Find the option that says tray and enable the ‘card stock’ option from it. Now close the menu.

Next, you need to set up the printer. You’ll have to change the settings of the printer from the regular, basic ones since those are for normal lightweight paper types. Follow the following steps:

  • Open up the document you want to print out o your laptop
  • Click on the ‘Print’ option. Next up, click the option that says ‘Properties’
  • When you open up the properties, click on the paper source tab. Now, you’ll have to choose the type of paper you will be printing on. For printing on card stock, select the option of ‘heavy paper’.

Now the next option is to feed the paper to your printer. If your printer supports an automatic option to feed the paper, you may not want to go for that. The best option is to load the card stock manually. Make sure the card stock is not harmed in any way, because if it is, the paper will not feed the right way. Do have a look at the user manual to have a look at how to feed the paper. You don’t want anything to go wrong!

Now after completing all the steps and doing everything the right way, your document will be printed on the card stock. The time period and depends on the specifications of the printer. Other than that, the procedure is quite easy.

Print out all you want on card stock by following the steps mention above. Make sure not to miss out on anything!



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