Do UltraWide Monitors Give An Advantage In Games? And Do All Games Support Ultrawide?

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)

Technology has always played a part in changing our lives and making them a lot easier. One such development has been monitors. They came into existence years back and have proven to be quite useful for us since then. They are used for various purposes all over the world, including professional use, gaming, and entertainment purposes.

People love gaming on a monitor, don’t they? For this purpose, manufacturers started developing ultrawide monitors. Now the real question is whether they give an advantage in games and also do all games support ultrawide monitors or not.

Have a look down below since we’ve answered these questions for you.

Firstly, let’s address the first question. Now it’s pretty obvious ultrawide monitors are loved by people all over the world, but are they actually worth it since there’s a huge difference between the price of normal-sized ones and ultrawide monitors?

Here are the advantages of ultrawide monitors in games:

Huge Screen

As the name suggests, an ultrawide monitor comes with a huge screen. Now, who doesn’t love playing on a widescreen, right? You get to watch each and everything without facing any sort of difficulty. Moreover, ultrawide screen results to be great for one’s eyes as well. They’re quite better than normal-sized ones since they will definitely cause eye fatigue if used for hours.

Other than that, there are loads of games out there that require a large field of view. An ultrawide monitor is a perfect option for those games.

Image Resolution

Another great thing you get with an ultrawide monitor would be that it has a great image resolution. The view will be extremely clear. Also, the aspect ratio of an ultrawide monitor is close to the aspect ratio of a movie theatre. Sounds great, right? This means an ultrawide monitor definitely makes your view bright, clear and gives you a cinematic feeling. It will actually make you feel like you’re a part of the game.


The two main advantages of getting an ultrawide monitor have mentioned above; however, there are loads of other features of them as well that make them actually worth it. I’d say it’s a great option to invest in an ultrawide monitor for gaming purposes. You’ll have a great experience and will enjoy playing!


Do All Games Support Ultrawide?

People have been quite confused when it comes to whether all games support an ultrawide monitor, and they should buy one or not. Now the answer is that no, not all games support an ultrawide monitor; however, most modern games do support 3440 x 1440 and 2560 x 1080 resolutions. However, if you decide to play an older version of a game on an ultrawide monitor, you’ll have to look at the specifications of it since it’s possible it won’t work on an ultrawide monitor. Basically, it entirely depends on the game. Some have black bars, or sometimes it just the UI scaling that doesn’t work.  However, it most likely that the newer version would likely support ultrawide.



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