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(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

Don’t we love relaxing on a Sunday evening, getting a break from all the work? If you’re looking for something to entertain yourselves in your free time, you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll be talking about the best projectors for your apartment.

Projectors provide us with long hours of entertainment. You can watch movies on them, binge your favorite Netflix show or even play your favorite game with the gang! It’s a great long-time investment for everyone out there. We have compiled some of the Best Projectors For Apartments below in this publication. So let’s have a look!

Best Projectors For Apartment (Comparison)

Optoma GT10802400 ANSI Lumens1920 x 1080 Check Price
GuDee Movie Projector6500 Lux1020 x 1080 Check Price
ViewSonic PS501X3400 Lumens1024 x 768 Check Price


Optoma GT1080

Optoma GT1080

Here we have this fabulous projector from the award fining designer and manufacturer, Optoma. The company manufactures products that are extremely innovative and last for a very long time. They operate globally with their headquarters in the U.S, Europe, and Asia. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of their GT1080 projector.


The projector is capable enough to provide you with extremely vivid colors. It makes sure you get a cinematic feeling whenever you’re using it. Moreover, it’s a 3D projector that will display content from any 3D source including Blu-Ray Disc. You’ll get clear, bright images even in a room full of lights. Watch your favorite 3D program and feel like you’re a part of it. The color, the image in short everything is up to the mark!

Dynamic Black Technology

The projector has been manufactured with dynamic black technology that gives more depth to your image. It includes a perfect contrast ratio providing you with excellent image results. The dark scenes will remain detailed with deep black and superb light and shade detail. It’s perfect for you to enjoy yourself at night with your fellow friends watching a movie. The DLP chip has a fast response time of just 16 microseconds and supports up to 144Hz refresh rates too. It also ensures to cater to you with outstanding readability, making sure there’s no stress on your eyes.

Game Mode

This great projector ensures to make your gaming experience better than ever. It comes with a gaming mode that optimizes your projector. It works at the speed of the wind, making sure you win all your matches. The picture displayed will be great too, making sure everything is clear to you and you’re able to play it for a great great experience!


Another great feature of the product is that connectivity is a piece of cake. You won’t face any sort of issue when connecting your device to the projector. Connect it with your tablet, iPad, phone, laptop, in short, anything you like. Enjoy hours of entertainment for a fantastic time. Also, the projector is compatible with both android and iOS devices.

Eco Friendly

One great feature of the projector is that it has been designed and manufactured in an eco-friendly way. It saves up to 75% power in standby mode, consuming just 0.5 watts of power. Moreover, it limits energy use since it has a great feature of automatic shut down. How great! Enjoy all you can while saving power!

Keystone Correction

The projector includes an amazing feature of ‘keystone correction’ This feature will make sure to provide you with a perfectly aligned, squared image. The product will definitely give you professional results making you feel like you’re sitting in a cinema!

Bright PictureLow Quality Speakers
No Fan Noise
Budget Friendly




GuDee Movie Projector

GuDee Movie Projector

Here we have a product from the amazing manufacturers, GuDee. They make sure to provide you with high-quality products, making your experience better than ever. Other than that, the team is highly professional and innovative. They make sure to listen to the needs of their customers and then bring them into reality. The projectors they manufacture are jaw-dropping. They come with a bunch of wonderful features that are a must for any good projector out there. So let’s have a look at the features of GuDee’s best selling projector that has been loved by people out there.


The most common issue we usually face in projectors is that the built-in speakers are absolutely useless. However, you won’t be facing that issue if you use this GuDee projector. It comes with powerful built-in stereo speakers that a specially designed for you to watch a movie at. Moreover, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. The sound is just amazing and a projector is a great option for a party. Use it for watching a movie or learn useful stuff since the quality s just appreciable.

Another impressive feature is that the projector comes with a cooling system that prevents overheating of the product. We all know how bad overheating can get for your electronics however you won’t face that issue here since it’s designed to make your life easier.

Moreover, the fan voice is close to audible. It will give you a great audio experience making sure no background noises are disturbing you while you’re using the projector. How great is that?


One more great feature of the projector is that it supports a range of devices. It supports PC, PS3/4, X-box, Tv Box, Tv stick, smartphones, and more. Connect it with any device and enjoy in your apartment for a fantastic time! Moreover, you can connect devices through HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV inter surfaces. It gives you a great number of options and is quite suitable for one.

Excellent Image

We all want a projector that delivers a brilliant image. The GuDee projector ensures to deliver this feature to you! It adopts an advanced 3lcd image technology that works well in any light. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a full bright room or a dark one, all your images provided will be up to the mark. The display size of the image is quite appropriate and has an amazing projection distance as well. The images are sharp, clear, and bright making your experience unforgettable!

Height & Angle Adjustments

One great feature of the GuDee projector is that it has a brilliant height and angle adjustment feature. It will make sure to adjust your pictures in the right way, deliver an ideal squared image. The projector is designed in a way that won’t disappoint you one bit. Enjoy all you want!


Now let’s have a look at the set up of the projector. Let me assure you, it’s not that complicated. Once you have a look at the user manual, you’ll understand each and everything! The instructions provided will help you out in making sure you understand the projector for an even better experience.

Comes With A WarrantyLow Quality Remote
Projects Bright Colors
High Sound Quality



ViewSonic PS501X

ViewSonic PS501X

At number 3, we have ViewSonic’s PS501X projector. ViewSonic best at what they do. Their mission is to provide innovative visual solutions for work, entertainment, and education. Other than that the company focuses on remaining customer-focused and providing them with the best products. ViewSonic manufactures loads of products and one of their best sellers is this great PS501X projector. Have a look at the number of features it offers down below. You’ll simply love them!

SuperColor Technology

The projector has been manufactured with SuperColor technology that caters to one with an exclusive 6 segment color wheel, dynamic lamp control capabilities, and much more. You’ll be able to view a stunning, jaw-dropping image. Not only that but the color of the images is worthy of being appreciated. It’s is pretty clear that the company has worked hard manufacturing this projector. Furthermore, the projector comes with an excellent contrast ratio that produces an exceptional image in any environment, be it day or night, your needs will be fulfilled.

Flexible Connectivity

One significant feature of the projector is that it supports a range of devices. It supports loads of media players, PCs, Apple devices, mobile devices, and more. Moreover, it can be connected via HDMI, USB, VGA, and a lot more. It’s quite convenient since it provides one with a number of connectivity options.

Another feature is that it is compatible with an interactive whiteboard module that transforms the projector into an interactive projection solution. A range of users can interact at the screen using their fingers or styluses. This will be perfect for people giving a school or an office presentation. Right?

Long Lamp Life

One of the most important features a product should have is that it must be eco friendly. The projector includes a SuperEco feature that reduces power consumption and extends the lamp-life by up-to 15,000 hours. The DynamicEco feature reduces the power consumption of the projector by up-to 70%. However, the lamp life will vary on the usage of the product.


If you feel like watching a 3D movie however don’t feel like going out of your apartment, this projector has got your back! It can easily display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players. The 3D images can be viewed with a shutter glass or 3D glasses that will have to be purchased.


The interface of the product is quite great. It has an intuitive interface making it easier for you to use it. All the settings are a child’s play and can be done by anyone. The user manual will guide you and you’re good to go! You won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Short Throw Feature

Last but not the least, the projector has a marvelous short throw feature that projects an image that will fill your wall. The projector provides an incredible image from a short distance making sure you’re able to play your favorite game or watch your favorite movie. There won’t be any shadows, any blurry images, or anything that could be a negative point. Once you start using this projector, there’s no going back.

Projects A High Quality ImageDoes Not Have A Way To Adjust The Size Of The Image
Simple To Use
Great Contrast Ratio




By now, I’m sure you’ve decided on the projector that suits you. All of the projectors mentioned above at extremely amazing. They come with loads of futures that you’ll absolutely enjoy. Moreover, one thing you’ll find common in all of them is that they’re all quite easy to use. Don’t we just hate electronics that are way too complicated? However, you won’t be facing that issue with these great projectors. The prices are great as well compared to the quality of the projectors. Have a great time using them in your apartment, enjoy to the fullest!



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