The Difference Between Residential & Commercial Lawn Mowers

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2020)

Now we’re all aware of what lawn mowers are, right? They help you in cutting up excessive grass and making your lawn neat and tidy. However, if you go to the market you’d see there are two different types of lawn mowers manufactured. These include commercial ones and residential mowers.

What Are Residential Mowers?

Now, what excellent are residential mowers? These mowers by usually used by homeowners. They are used to mow a small land/area and are equipped with fewer controls. Moreover, they aren’t that expensive either.

What Are Commercial Mowers?

Commercials lawn mowers are basically used for a larger area. This includes a land of 2+ acres. They are mostly used by companies that offer mowing services. These mowers come with a lot of different features and have different kinds as well. Commercial mowers are quite different compared to a residential mower. Also, they are expensive than residential mowers.

Residential vs. Commercial Mowers

Now that we know what these mowers are used for, let’s have a look at their differences.


Firstly, the main difference I believe between the two mowers is that there’s a huge difference when it comes to their quality. You see, commercial mowers are specifically designed for heavy-duty use on a regular basis. This means they come with high-quality components such as engines, comfort level, deck, frame, and a lot of other features as well. All of these features combined make a commercial mower suitable for large fields, even hills. You can easily use these mowers on rough terrain.

However, residential mowers have simpler structures. They are not manufactured for daily use and hence do not come with a highly strong engine. These mowers are supposed to be used from time to time, usually once or twice a season. That’s it!

Cutting Deck

Another main difference between the two would be their cutting decks. A commercial mower comes with a great cutting deck that has great blades and makes sure to reduce clumping as well. Other than that, it also has great cutting speeds as well. This is due to the fact that commercial mowers as used to mow a huge area, so it’s a must for it to come with a great mowing speed. This ensures you can get done with your work quickly.

On the other hand, if you look at residential mowers, you’ll realize they have a small cutting deck with small blades. Now I’m not saying they aren’t great, however, what I’m trying to explain is that they’re specifically equipped for a small land, just not  a huge one.


Now it’s pretty obvious that commercial mowers are expensive compared to residential mowers. This is due to the fact that commercial mowers come with a lot of different features compared to residential ones. Sure residential mowers can be expensive too however commercial mowers cost more.

The prices can vary between different brands, types, features, and a lot of other stuff too.



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