How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)

Whenever we buy something, over time, you may need to repair it. The same method applies to lawnmowers. After some time of purchasing them, their blades aren’t as sharp as they used to be in the beginning. In order to make sure your lawnmower works perfectly fine, you’ll have to sharpen its blades since they perform the main function. However, this part can be tricky and dangerous at the same time. You’ll have to follow a few simple methods in order to do that to ensure your safety and to make your product good as new.

Tips To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Here are s few tips regarding how you should sharpen your lawnmower blades.

Tools You Need

Sharpening your lawnmower requires s bunch of tools. Without them, it’s next to impossible to sharpen the blades. Make sure you have all the manual and power tools needed to do the job. Now there are loads of tools in the market ranging from local ones to high-end ones. It’s entirely up to you which one you opt for. I’d say go for mid-range ones. Neither too pricey nor too cheap.  Not to add, there are several kits available in the market, too, that might contain all the necessary tools to do the job. The basic and most important tools you’ll need are:

  • Safety gloves and glasses
  • Power drill
  • Vise
  • Blade balancer
  • Sharpening attachment


How Sharp The Blade Should Be?

Before you start the job, make sure you know how sharp you want the blade to be. Getting a really sharp blade is not an easy job. Sure, your blade should be sharp but not too much. Extremely sharp blades don’t last long and need to be sharpened every now and then.

Step By Step Guide

Removing The Blade

The first thing you’ll need to do is to carefully remove the blade of your mower. Make sure you remove the plug before doing so. Not to add, you should drain the gas tank as well to make sure you don’t waste or spill any fuel.

Now you’ll have to remove the bolt. Now go for the blade. However, make sure you’re wearing safety gloves while doing so. Moreover, have a look at how the blade was placed in the first place before removing it so that you don’t face any difficulty later on when installing it back.


The next step will be to carefully have a look at the blade. Inspect it carefully, and it is bent, then you’ll possibly need to get it replaced. However, if that’s not the case, then move on with sharpening it.

Now you’ll need a metal file in order to sharpen the blade. Start by filling the blade with a bunch of light strokes. That’s it. You’ll have to sharpen bot ends of the blade to balance it out. Make sure you don’t overdo it since it won’t be beneficial for you.

Install It Back

The last step will be to install the blade back in place. Make sure you do so while the plug of the mower is switched off since you don’t want to turn it on accidentally. Install it back, and you’re done!



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