How To Maintain Your Grill If You Live Near The Coast?

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2021)

It is imperative to give your grill proper maintenance and cleanliness if the grill is located in a humid place or some coastal areas. You should prevent your grill from any sort of rust and protect the overall appearance of the stainless steel exterior parts of the grill. Below are some helpful tips for you:

  • If you want to remove the rust out of the steel grill, you can use polishes highly recommended. You can continue to use the durable stainless steel polish periodically so you can let the grill modern looking at its best.
  • At least once a week, we will recommend you to wipe off the grill by using a wet towel or a piece of rag. Make sure you dry it thoroughly. This will help you remove all the chemicals or harmful salt from the grill’s exterior side.
  • Just in the inclement weather, you should cover the grill, otherwise not.

Cover The Grill Carefully

Suppose you are living in some cold weather areas where the temperature is always high. In that case, you should invest in buying a durable cover for your grill cover. Most of the grills will start facing cracks or even damage if they are prone to so much cold weather. As an alternative, you can even choose the middle-of-the-road cover and yet plan to fully replace it each year.

To prevent leaks or even small intruders, you should cover the whole grill by taping the seams. This packing tape will ensure that a significant bond has been developed because removing the rust in spring will not be easy. Another best option would be to use the painter’s tape, paired with the plastic wrap. This will eventually make a reliable or easily-removable seal.

Extra Safety Checklist For Gas Grills

There are quite a few basic things which you should note for the proper maintenance of the grill to use it for long years. Some of the essential tips are discussed below:

  • You should never store the propane tank inside your home. Make sure you keep them inside the locked big cages outside of your house. This will give your grill an added safety. If you want to bring the grill inside the shed or the garage, then make sure you leave the tank outside.
  • To leave the grill outside, you have to keep the tank fully connected and make sure it is shut off. Cover the whole grill as usual.
  • Now you have to remove off the ignition battery from the electric starter and yet safely discard it. Make sure you securely reseal the entire compartment of the empty battery.
  • Use the plastic sheet to wrap the burners. This will prevent the lingering fuel from leaking out and let the debris or bugs be away from it.



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