How To Clean A Carburetor On A Lawn Mower?

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2020)

Taking care of your lawnmower is something you shouldn’t ignore at all. You must make sure to clean it every now and then for superior performance. Not taking care of it will result in your product getting damaged, resulting in your money going down the drain. In order to take care of your lawnmower, make sure to clean its carburetor. A lawnmower comes with loads of small products inside it that should be cleaned and taken care of. One of them is carburetors.

Have a look down below at some tips in order to clean a carburetor.

What Is A Carburetor?

Now, if you’re someone who has no idea of what a carburetor actually is, let me explain it to you. A carburetor is a device in the internal combustion engine of your lawnmower. Its function is to mix the optimal amount of air with fuel to make sure the lawnmower works completely fine.

How To Clean A Carburetor?

Here are a number of simple ways in order to clean your carburetor.

Carburetor Cleaner

You can easily find loads of carburetor cleaners in the market. Fun fact, they’re not even expensive at all. Carburetor cleaners help you get rid of any sort of dirt within the carb. This dirt can enter into the air and fuel passages making the lawnmowers function to get worse. Simply spray the cleaner on the surface of the carburetor, and you’re good to go.

Air Filter

Another thing you must keep in mind is to clean the air filter of your lawnmower. The air filter can be full of debris if not cleaned religiously. The debris will eventually result in creating black smoke, which is something you don’t need at all. Not to add, the debris won’t let your air filter to breathe, either resulting in your lawnmower getting harmed.


Using your lawnmower frequently means you need to check it out on a regular basis if all of its components are taken care of. This involves checking the connections of your carburetor. Over time and excessive use can result in some screws to loosen or other small internal parts in getting damaged. Make sure you have a look at each and everything to ensure that the carburetor is healthy. This will not only enhance its functionality but will also enhance the life of your product.


Replacing is something we all hate. It costs us buckets of money, and it’s something we always run away from or try to ignore. However, if you ignore it for a longer time period, you might be losing your product for once and for all. If something needs to be replaced, do it instead of ignoring it.

Professional Help

If you’re tried your very best in taking care of your carburetor and are still in doubt, make sure you get professional help. Take it to a repair shop, and they’ll tell you what’s wrong with the product. Make sure not to ignore it at all.



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