How To Choose The Right Fuel Type For Your Lawn Mower?

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2020)

Can’t figure what fuel type is best for your lawn mower? Well, then you’re at the right place. We’ve got your back! Getting a lawn mower is not a hard task however maintaining it is. Now there are loads of tips out there in order to maintain it however the main part is what fuel type is right for your lawn mower. If you’re using the wrong fuel for your mower, it can harm it in numerous ways you have no idea about, making your mower useless for good. Have a look down below in order to choose the right type for your lawn mower.

Depending On The Engine

Basically, what fuel you should go for depends on the type of engine. Now four stroke engines out there require fresh unleaded gas, with an octane rating of 87 or higher. You can also go for a gas with ethanol however more than 10% of ethanol is not recommended.

Now when it comes to two stroke engines, they use the same type of gas too. However, it should come with an addition of high quality two cycle engine oil. The proportions of these vary brand to brand.

Using Fresh Fuel

Another thing you must keep in mind is to always use fresh fuel. The fuel you use should always be fresh, especially if your mower has a small engine. There are loads of grass station companies out there and make sure you go for the one that does its own refining.

Quality Fuel

A lot of people out there think an expensive product is better than a cheaper one. However, that’s not the case at all. Opt for a fuel that has good quality and good rating out there. Don’t go for the most expensive one or the most cheapest one. You need to choose a fuel that contains extra detergent that helps prevent gum buildup and carbon deposits.

When you go for fresh fuel, make sure you store it in a plastic gas can and add fuel stabilizer. This ensures to keep your fuel fresh! Moreover, it is also recommended by experts that one should only buy a 30- day supply of fuel at a time.

Avoiding Ethanol

Ethanol is not a good hose if you have a small gas engine. The thing with ethanol is that it attracts moisture from the air, separates from the gas, and sinks to the bottom of your fuel tank. This can result to be quite damaging for your mower. Moreover, ethanol burns quite hot and overheats your engine. Do not use more than 10% of ethanol at all.

Keep all of these features in mind when choosing the right fuel type for your lawnmower. Also, always make sure to follow the dos and donts or you might end up harming your mower’s engine for good. Simply opt for good quality, well rated fuel and it’ll result in a great choice for sure.



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