Disadvantages Of Zero Turn Mowers

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2020)

Zero turn mowers are quite in nowadays, right? They’re known as being a lot better than the regular mowers. However, everything comes with pros and cons and the same case applies to zero-turn mowers. Sure, the pros outweigh the cons, but you still need to keep them in mind when you’re interested in buying a zero turn mower.

What Is A Zero Turn Mower?

The first question here is that what exactly is a zero turn mower? Zero turn mowers are just like any other mowers out there however they come with a zero turning radius. There are loads of different brands out there that manufacture different zero turn mowers that. Ones with various sizes of cutting deck, fuel types, prices, and engine power options too. A zero turn mower is expensive than a regular lawnmower.



Zero turn mowers come with a number of disadvantages such as:

Going Uphill

Going uphill on zero turn mowers is a hard task. There have been many incidents where operators have faced huge difficulties when going uphill. The zero turn feature of the mower makes it hard for one to take it up to hills, slippers, and more. Moreover, debris and dirt play a huge part in slowing your mower while you go uphill. Other than that, mud and grass also play a role in slowing down your mower’s performance. Zero turn mowers are not at all recommended for hilly areas.


When it comes to zero turn mowers, they cost you a lot more than a regular lawn mower. You’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on them to purchase them, and loads of money on maintaining them too. If you want a mower for regular use then sure, go for a zero turn mower. However, if your land isn’t that huge and you don’t feel like need to mow it every now and then, spending a huge amount on a zero turn mower is not worth it.

Muffler Issues

The muffler of your mower is in charge of expelling vapors. However, when it is clothed with debris, the task gets hard. This way your muffler prevents the emitted gas from going out of the mower. This can cause huge disasters for your mower such as causing a seized motor. To stay precautions, you’ll have to maintain your mower every now and then. You’ll have to clean the muffler at the start of every mowing season so that you face no issues in the future.

Difficulty To Mow On Wet Terrains

Zero turn mowers come with tires that spin quite fast making it a hard task to mow in wet areas. Damp grass is slippery too making it quite difficult for you to mow wet areas. Also, thick wet grass can harm your equipment in numerous ways.


Zero turn mowers are advanced and understanding them at first is hard. You’ll have to keep a check on your mower every now and then to make sure your device faces no issues. People say zero turn mowers are a lot more complex than a tractor. You’ll have to understand one completely before using it.



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