Best Zero Turn Mowers For 1 Acre 2021

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

Lawn mowers have proven to be quite convenient for one since they came into existence.

There are loads and loads of different kinds of mowers available in the market and all of them come with their pros and cons. However, the main thing about all of them is that they make sure to clean up the area of excessive grass, making it look neat as ever.

They’re easy to use and are one-time investment as well. You’ll see loads of brands out there who manufacture these great products however not all of them are that great. Choosing a lawn mower can be a hard task since you’ll be investing a huge amount of money in it. To make this easier for you, we’ve made a list of the Best Zero Turn Mowers For 1 Acre out there.

All the products mentioned down below are fabulous and come from great companies too.

Scroll down and have a look at them!

Best Zero Turn Mowers For 1 Acre (Comparison)

Lawn MowerPower Source 
Craftsman Z525Gas Powered Check Price
Husqvarna Z246Gas Powered Check Price
Husqvarna Z142Gas Powered Check Price


Craftsman Z525

Craftsman Z525

Here at number 1, we have Z525 mower by Craftsman. The company holds a great reputation due to its amazing work throughout the years. All of their products are amazingly well and are manufactured using good quality products. The best part is that they’re designed in a way that makes them look better than ever. The company’s main focus has always been serving the needs of its customers by keeping every tiny point in their minds. Once you start using their products, you’ll love them for sure. Here we’ll have a look at Craftsman’s Z525 zero turn lawn mowers. Its features have been mentioned down below.


The engine of your mower is one of its essential parts. It’s necessary for your mower to come with an outstanding engine so that your mower can perform exceptionally well. The engine basically drives your mower. Without it, your mower is useless.

Craftsman kept this in mind and manufactured this amazing mower that comes with an exceptional engine. The gas engine comes with an auto choke feature, that’s quite powerful. The 679cc twin engine is the perfect option for larger yards. Not to add, the auto choke feature ensures a quick and efficient start. Now mow all you want with this amazing mower that you’ll love for sure!


Other than the engine, another essential part of your mower is its deck. The deck is the part that makes sure to deliver an excellent cut. It should have a good cutting width, should come with a deck wash, and should also be manufactured using high quality materials.

Craftsman knew the importance of all these features and manufactured an amazing deck that comes with all these features. The deck comes with a 46 inch cutting width making it perfect for trimming and clipping glass. Other than that, the mower is also equipped with a deck wash that saves time when underside cleaning. How convenient!

Mow In Reverse

Another feature that I love about the mower is that it comes with a mow in reverse feature. Now, this feature has proven to be quite convenient for one since it makes it possible for you Mow your lawn all you want even when in reverse! You won’t have to pause your yard work thanks to this amazing feature.

Turning Radius

Another great feature regarding the mower would be its turning radius. Now you can easily change direction in a blink with more efficiency. How great is that! Now drive conveniently with the help of Craftsman’s mower.


Your comfort matters a lot when driving a mower. Since you’ll be working for hours on a mower, it’s beneficial for you to stay completely comfortable. To make the task easier for you, Craftsmansq mower comes with a high back support seat for your ease. The high back cushioned seat makes sure to provide optimal comfort when working on the mower. Another great feature is that the mower comes with ROPS, just for your safety. Driving this mower will result in a great experience!

Great Build QualityA Little Complicated To Understand In The Beginning
Highly Comfortable Seat
Excellent Tires



Husqvarna Z246

Husqvarna Z246

Next up, we’ll have a look at Husqvarna’s Z246 zero turn mower. Who hasn’t heard about the company, right? It’s one of the most popular companies out there, manufacturing some amazingly built zero turn lawn mowers for your ease. The company works with a bunch of extremely well experienced individuals, who are great at everything they do. The best part is that the company provide you with some great quality mowers at such a reasonable price! A must purchase for sure. Here we have Husqvarna’s Z246 zero turn lawn mower. It comes with a number of great features, have a look at them.

Air Induction

When it comes to lawn mowers, one of their main features are it’s air induction technology. Now not many people out there are aware of this feature however let me assure you how important air induction technology is for your lawn mowers. Air induction system draws air from the top and bottom of the deck enhancing air flow. This eventually results in a greater grass lift and ultimately delivery an amazing cut. Husqvarna mower comes with this feature that makes your cut better than ever!

Steel Cutting Deck

Another feature your mower should come with is a good quality cutting deck. This way you won’t have to spend buckets of amount on getting it repaired or replaced every now and then. The cutting deck performs the main function of a mower and it works continuously when you’re mowing your lot. So it’s a must for your mower to come with a good quality cutting deck. Husqvarna kept that in mind and manufactured this excellent mower that comes with a reinforced steel cutting deck. The deck is reinforced with heavy flat stock steel that adds strengths and durability to your deck.


The frame of your mower should always be well built, right? Since you’ll be driving your mower in loads of different areas, it’s a must for it to come with a good frame. Husqvarnas mower comes with a rugged frame, manufactured using high quality materials. Moreover, it also comes in the color orange and black making it quite appealing to the eye. Now you get to drive your mower in all sorts of conditions and the frame won’t get harmed one bit. What a great feature!


Another great feature regarding the mower is it’s control panel. The mower comes with an easy to use control panel, that placed everything conveniently at your fingertips. Not to add, everything regarding the control panel is easy to use that you’ll understand in no time. Now driving the mower will not be a hard task at all thanks to its ergonomic control panel!

Rear Engine Guard

One other feature regarding the mower is that it comes with a rear engine guard, that protects your engine from impact as well as limits its access to hot surfaces due to safety purposes. Isn’t that great?

Removable Foot Plate

One thing you’ll love regarding the mower is it’s removable foot plate. This makes it easier for you to access the top of the cutting deck. How convenient does that sound!

Deck Lift

One other feature that’s quite appreciate worthy is that the deck lift system is spring assisted for ease of use. Moreover, it can be easy located by the operator since it’s placed within easy reach of the person driving. The convenient deck lift is one of my favourite features regarding Husqvarnas zero turn lawn mower!

Powerful EngineNo Headlights
Electric Clutch Deck Engagement Feature
High Quality Cutting Deck



Husqvarna Z142

Husqvarna Z142

Next Mower on our list is by Husqvarna once again. The company has been in the business for a long time and has never disappointed its customers. They keep their customer’s needs and timely delivery their top priority and makes sure they listen to their customers. The company is well known for manufacturing amazingly built mowers for people out there. The best part is that they’re one of the best sellers out there that people have loved. Here we’ll have a look at their Z142 zero turn lawn mower. So let’s dive in!

Maintenance Free Transmission

Now I’ve seen loads of people out there spending huge amounts in getting their mowers repaired. However, that’s something we don’t want to face at all. What’s the point of getting an expensive mower and then spending loads of amounts in getting it repaired every now and then? Well, Husqvarna kept this in mind and manufactured this amazing mower that provides a worry free performance with maintenance free, integrated zero turn transmissions for your ease! How great is that!


As discussed earlier, your mower should always come with an exceptional engine, right? Without a good working engine, your mower is of no use. Husqvarnas mower comes with a premium engine from Kohler. It feature commercial grade construction and quality components that ensure its long life and dependable mowing performance. Sounds great, doesn’t it? When it comes to the engine of this mower, you’ll have no complaints at all. It’ll perform exceptionally well, making sure you face no sort of issues at all.

Comfortable Seat

Mowing can take up to hours, making it essential for the operator to stay completely comfortable throughout the task. If you’re not comfortable, working on your mower will result in a nightmare and you won’t be able to give your best. Husqvarna kept all these pointers in mind and manufactured this amazing mower that comes with a highly comfortable seat.

The seat is padded, making sure your back can rest while you’re doing the job. Not to add, it’s highly soft and has a great material too. Your comfort level is Husqvarnas top priority!

Air Induction

Now we’ve discussed this feature before as well. Air induction system is a great feature that all mowers out there should come equipped with. Husqvarnas mower comes with a great air induction system that draws clean it come the top and bottom of the deck that enhances air flow. This results in a greater grass lift and an amazing cut. Now, you won’t have any issues when it comes to the cut of their mower due to its exceptional air induction technology!

Automatic Park Brake System

Another feature I absolutely love regarding the mower is it’s automatic park brake system. This system automatically activated and deactivated as the steering levels are moved outward or inward, freeing you of the task. Sounds convenient!


A mower should always come with easy to use controls or it’ll make the task a lot harder for the operator. Husqvarnas mower comes with a great controlling system, that’s within reach of the operator making sure he/she understands each and every bit. You won’t face any sorts of issue when it comes to the controls of the mower!


Lastly, one thing we must appreciate regarding the mower is it’s built up. Husqvarnas mower is built up using good quality materials, making sure it doesn’t get harmed one bit. Now drive it all you want, in all sorts of conditions and you won’t have any complaints at all! How great!

Anti Slip Foot AreaHard To Maintain
Rear Engine Guard
Ergonomic Control Panel



Here comes an end to our list of the best zero turn lawn mowers for 1 acre out there.  Now I’m sure by now you’ve made up your mind regarding which mower you want to go for. It’ll result in a purchase you won’t regret for sure! Happy mowing!



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