Best Mowers For 20 Acres 2021

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

Lawnmowers are one of the most convenient products out there. They help you clean up your lot and make it neat and tidy, enhancing its look and protecting it. Now, if you’re someone who’s confused regarding which mower they should opt for, you’re at the right place. There are hundreds of brands out there that manufacture mower and claim to perform exceptionally. However, the reality is the opposite.

To make the task easier for you, we’ve jotted down a number of lawn mowers out there. Scroll down and have a look at the best mowers for 20 acres!

Best Mowers For 20 Acres (Comparison)

Lawn MowerPower Source 
Husqvarna MZ61Gasoline Check Price
Simplicity Broadmoor 2691337Gasoline Check Price
Ariens Zenith 60Gasoline Check Price


Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna MZ61

At number one of our list, we’ll be talking about MZ61 mower from Husqvarna. The companies goal has always been to provide employees with tools that offer better safety, performance, reliability, and a cleaner environment. The company prides itself on the quality and variety of its commercial-grade products. Here, we’ll have a look at the Husqvarnas MZ61 lawnmower.

Caster Wheels

Wheels are one of the main features of a lawnmower. Without them, the mower is completely useless. Husqvarnas mower comes with 6 inch wide front casters with pneumatic types. These provide a long life and are easy on turf as well. The wheels are manufactured using high quality materials, ensuring the product’s durability.

Comfortable Seat

Another amazing feature regarding the mower is it’s amazingly comfortable seat. Your comfortable matters a lot when it comes to mowers, right? Since you’ll be the one driving, you should be completely comfortable. Husqvarnas mower comes with a comfortable high back seat and comes with armrests as well. These features combined ensure your comfort level making sure you work with ease. Perfect for people working for hours on a huge land!

Cutting Deck

Moreover, the mower also comes with a durable cutting deck. It comes with twin sheets of 11 gauge steel that adds support to the spindles. This way, it increases the overall strength of the mower making it an amazing product. Not to add, the cutting deck will also result to be durable.


An engine is a main feature of a mower, right? Husqvarnas mower comes with Kawasaki engines that offer a smooth and reliable function. The engine is quiet as well giving it a good point. Not to add, it had been manufactured using heavy duty components for your ease.

Service Points

Checking up on your mower and having a look at its service points is a must, right? This incredible mower by Husqvarna comes with easy access service points making it easier for you to use it. All of its components including oil and filter maintained electrical system, battery, and other points are easy to reach.


Now you won’t have to worry about the life of the mower. It comes with premium integrated zero turn transmissions with charge pumps, large drive axles, and expansion tanks as well. All these features combined ensure a long life of the mower.

Zero Turn

As the title suggests, the mower has a zero turn steering system. This means it will provide a very precise maneuvering that will also allow the mower to rotate song its own axis. It won’t require a turning radius either. How great does that sound!

Pedal Assisted Cutting Deck

The mower also features an ergonomically designed deck lift that delivers a precise cutting height adjustment. It also offers an easy and quick adjustment from the operators’ seat making sure one can use it quite easily without facing any sort of issue.


Sure, beginners find it hard to understand a mower at first however when riding this mower, you won’t face that issue at all. It’s quite easy to use and understand with an excellent control system. Now work all day and clean up your lot! Understanding the mower is as easy as cake!

Triple Bags

Lastly, this feature is something you’ll love for sure. It comes with a 9 bushel triple bag collection system. This way, it ensures to increase the design productivity and versatility of the mower. Now you won’t have to worry about cleaning up the bags again and again. This feature will result to be quite convenient for you!

Easy To UseNo Headlights
Comes With Removable Foot Pan
Excellent Results




Simplicity Broadmoor 2691337

Simplicity Broadmoor 2691337

Next up, we’ll be having a look at Broadmoor 2691337 from Simplicity. The brand is one of the too notch brands out there manufacturing high quality mowers for your convenience. All of their products are made using great materials ensuring their durability and stability. The company has proven to be as innovative as possible throughout its existence. Here we’ll be talking about Their 2691337 mower. It comes with a number of excellent features so let’s have a look.


The steering of any vehicle is one of its main components, right? Without that, your product is completely useless. Simplicity’s mower comes with an all new power steering that navigates your lot with ease. This mower comes with the brand new broad moor series power steering feature that makes sure you face no sort of difficulty when working with the mower. Moreover, the steering is easy to use as well and is not that hard either. Made with high quality materials. The new power steering is something you’ll love for sure.


Simplicity’s mower comes with a feature called ‘free floating’. This means, that your mower completely follows the contours of your providing an even free cut. With the help of this feature, working on the mower will not be an issue at all. The full width rear rollers of the mower provide a smooth finish making your lawn as neat as ever. Not to add, it also allows to create dramatic ballpark style lawn stripes. How perfect! Now using the mower won’t be a huge deal at all. Work all you want while your mower provides even cuts. Great for huge lots!


Simplicity kept your comfort level in mind when manufactured with this mower. The mower comes with a rear suspension comfort system that reduces the impact felt when moving the mower at a fast speed. Now you won’t face any issue when fastening the mower. Moreover, it also comes with an ergonomic mesh seat that keeps you extremely comfortable and cool too. Working in summers won’t be an issue anymore! Not to add, the mowers seat is padded as well so that your back doesn’t work no matter how long you work. Your comfort is simplicity’s top priority!

Control Panel

Controlling the mower won’t be an issue anymore! Simplicity’s mower comes with an easy to use control panel making sure you understand each and everything and don’t get confused at all while driving the mower. It’s clock, hour monitor, height of adjustment, push the start button and everything else is within easy reach of the driver. Working on the mower won’t be a hassle, anyone, with the help of these excellent features!

Cutting Height

Want to change the cutting height of the mower while driving it? That won’t be an issue anymore. You won’t have to stop at all in order to adjust the height of the meet. It comes with a switch that allows you to conveniently change the height of the mower deck with a simple touch. Sounds convenient, right? This feature is one of its best ones which most lawn mowers out there don’t really come with.


The quality of the engine of this mower is phenomenal. It comes with a V-twin engine that provides a no choke starting system. The amazing engine of this mower is something you’ll define appreciate since it’ll ensure the durability and stability of your mower.

Excellent FrameA Bit Hard To Understand At First
LED Headlights
Automatic Controlled Traction




Ariens Zenith 60

Ariens Zenith 60

Next product on our list is Ariens Zenith 60. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand since it’s so popular. The company takes pride in providing people with excellent quality products making sure they result to be a long lasting purchase. There are over 1400 people who work in the company and all of them are experts at what they do. Here we’ll be talking about Ariens Zenith 60 lawnmower. It comes with a couple of excellent features that you’ll love for sure. So let’s have a look at them!


Sure, functions matter a lot when it comes to a lawnmower however it’s frame matters too. Arien’s excellent mower comes with a full tubular frame that ensures its durability. It’s large formed tubular frame rails and minimal welds also support the loads of the machine. Not to add, it also adds strength and gives stability to the mower.

Also, the mower also comes in the color orange and black that makes it quite attractive to the eye. The mower is always manufactured using high quality materials making sure it results to be a long lasting purchase.


The deck of a mower is one of its main features, right? Ariens mower comes with a 10 gauge steel deck that is defined with 14 cm depth. Not to add, the durable deck also provided optimal airflow in all sorts of mowing conditions. Most people out there don’t know this but the deck of a mower is quite important. With better airflow, it will be able to provide a superior cutting performance.

Belt Tension Technology

One feature I absolutely love about the mower is its belt tension technology. This technology will ensure the products optimal work performance, providing a great cut. The self-adjusting tension technology keeps belt tension constant. This maximizes the belts life, minimizes wear tear, and also maintains an even consistent cut. With the help of this feature, your mower will result to be a durable purchase and won’t require you to spend buckets of money on its maintenance.


As shown in the picture, the mower also features a ROPS. The frame of the mower comes with folding ROPS that is a standard protection feature for the operator. Ariens made sure to keep your protection its priority and added this get feature to the mower.

Deck Lift

Next up, let’s have a look at the deck lift system of the mower. The deck lift system of the mower provides adjustments between 15 cutting positions. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the height according to how you want. How convenient is that!


Using the mower is not a hard task at all. It comes with a bunch of controls that make it easier for one to use it. Not to add, maintaining the product is not a hard task either. You’ll be able to reach the oil filter, engine, and everything else quite easily without any issue. How great!


Lastly, we’ll be roaming about the seating of the mower. Seating matters a lot when it comes to mowers since you’ll be driving it for hours. It’s necessary for one to feel completely comfortable or else they can’t work properly. Ariens knew the importance of one’s comfort level and manufactured this excellent mower that comes with high back seat that comes with additional padding. Not to add, it also features armrests and integrated Seat isolators that provide greater comfort. Perfect!

Easy To MaintainDoesn't Come With Headlights
Adjustable High Back Plush Seat
Great Frame



Here comes an end to our list of the best mowers for 20 acres. All the products mentioned are manufactured using high quality materials, that ensure their durability. The products mentioned are worth every penny!



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