Best Lawn Mowers For 1 Acre Lot 2021

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

Taking care of your lot, cutting the grass every now and then, and keeping it neat and tidy can get hard at times. However, with the help of a lawnmower, these tasks become a lot easier for you and can be of great help too. One must make sure to clean up their lots every now and then for the grass to stay neat and tidy, as well as healthy. A lawnmower does this task for you. It makes sure to cut the height of the grass according to what you want and makes sure to make your lot look neat and tidy.

It’s beneficial for one to invest in a good quality lawnmower. It will result to be quite convenient for you when it comes to taking care of your lot. Choosing the perfect lawn mower for your lot can get hard at times. However, today we’ve made a list of the Best Lawn Mowers For 1 Acre Lot out there that will do the job for you. Scroll down and have a look!

Best Lawn Mowers For 1 Acre Lot (Comparison)

Lawn MowerPower Source 
Honda HRN216VKAGas Powered Check Price
CRAFTSMAN M105Gas Powered Check Price
Greenworks GLM801601Battery Powered Check Price


Honda HRN216VKA

Honda HRN216VKA

At number one on our list, we have HRN216VKA self propelled lawn mower from Honda. Now we’ve all heard about the brand, right? It manufactures a bunch of different items that are loved by people from all over the world. It is one of the top class companies out there that makes sure to provide people with high-quality products. Honda has been in the picture for a lot of years and has won different awards as well. Today, we will be talking about Hondas HRN216VKA lawnmower. It comes with a number of excellent features, so let’s have a look.

Ease Of Use

Firstly, let’s have a look at how easy to use this amazing product is. Hondas lawn mower comes with an easy fold and quick release handle that makes it easier for you to adjust the height and store it where you like. The folding will make it easier for you to place it in your garage without taking up loads of space. Moreover, the handle allows you to set the height according to what’s convenient for you. The dual-level will adjust the height from 1″ to 4″. How great is that!


Secondly, let’s have a look at the engine of this amazing engine the product comes with. The engine is quite reliable and is easy to start as well. It makes sure to adjust to even the hardest of mowing conditions. Not to add, the engine features a smart engine layout as well that comes with a huge tank fuel, oil changes, and more. Not to add, it’s quite easy to access the air filter and spark plug as well. You won’t face any sort of difficulty when using this amazing product. Maintain it easy, and it’ll result to be a long-lasting purchase.

Mulching & Bagging

Next up, let’s have a look at how great the mower performs. Hondas mower functions quite easily and offers a high-quality cut. Be it mulching or bagging, it’ll be of great quality, leaving you with a good looking ground. Moreover, the product comes with a twin placed system. The twin blades system makes your mulching and Bagging of a high quality due to its incredible design. The blades offer smaller clipping for both mulching and Bagging. Use all you want, and you won’t face any sort of issue. All the functions it provides are of high quality. How great!


Here let’s have a look at the design of this incredible mower. The product comes with an innovative Honda design. It comes in the Honda classic red and black colors, making it quite attractive. Moreover, it has great size as well, making sure it performs exceptionally. Not to add, it is designed in a way that optimizes airflow for much better performance. Also, the product comes with 8″ high traction wheels. This way, they provide excellent mowing in all sorts of conditions. The product is also manufactured using high-quality materials.

Speed Control

The mower also comes with a speed control system while you’re mowing. It offers variable speed from 0 to 4 mph. You can now easily adjust the speed according to whatever’s convenient for you. Moreover, the product also offers five positions for your comfort. Isn’t that great?

Grass Bag

Another great feature is that the product comes with a large capacity grass bag so that you can save up your time instead of emptying it again and again. Work all you want and save up your time with this amazing mower and its exceptional performance.

Comes With A Manual Fuel Shut Off ValveHard To Set It Up
Flywheel Brake Safety System
3 Year Residential Warranty






Next up, we will be talking about CRAFTSMAN M105. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the company since it came into existence years ago. The company takes pride in providing people with superior products to service their daily needs. The company uses the latest technology to serve the needs of people. Here, we’ll be having a look at the CRAFTSMAN M105 lawnmower. It is one of the best sellers out there, so let’s have a look.


Firstly let’s have a look at the amazing engine the product comes with. Craftsman mower comes with a 140cc engine that features a ready start system. This means that when you turn on your mower, it will start readily without any choke. How great! Moreover, the engine is quite powerful as well, making sure you can work all you want using this mower. Perfect for all sorts of conditions, this amazing gas-powered mower is something you’ll love for sure.


Next up, let’s have a look at the mowing convenience the mower provides. The mower comes with a 3 in 1 capability.

  • It lets you side discharge
  • It lets you read discharge
  • Mulch

This will make your mowing experience a lot better and easier.


Storing up your essentials can get hard at times, no? It gets hard for one to find the perfect place to store them since they require a lot of stuff. However, with the help of this amazing mower, you won’t face that issue anymore. The product folds for storage, which means you can place it wherever you like, and it won’t hold up much space either. How great is that!

Height Adjustment

Now, with the help of this mower, you can easily change the cutting height according to whatever’s convenient for you. The dual-level mower comes with 6 position height adjustment making it possible for you to change heights from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. Select the height that suits you best and work all you want. You will be left with a neat and tidy ground with the help of this amazing mower from Craftsman. Sounds great, right?

Ease Of Use

This mower from Craftsman’s is quite easy to use as well. It comes with an adjustable loop handle that provides you with compelled comfort while you’re mowing. Isn’t that great? Moreover, the product also comes with a rear bag that collects grass clippings for you to easily clean it. One won’t face any sort of issues when it comes to the function of the product.

6 Position Height AdjustmentMinor Assembly Is Required
Great Engine
Pull To Start



Greenworks GLM801601

Greenworks GLM801601

Next we have GLM801601 lawnmower from Greenworks. The company distributes. The company distributes its products in several different countries and takes pride in manufacturing high-quality products. People have loved its high-class performance since it came into existence. Today we will be talking about Greenworks GLM801601 lawnmower. Scroll down and have a look at its amazing features.

Battery Powered

Now you won’t have to worry about running out of gas at all. Greenworks mower is battery powered, making life easier than ever. You won’t have to get into the hassle of gas anymore. No gas and no oil means no emissions. The eco-friendly feature of this mower is something that must be appreciated.

Smart Cut Technology

Greenworks mower comes with an incredible smart technology that makes this product amazing. The smart cut technology improved performance and also extended run time. The mower can work up to 60 minutes without any break when fully charged. How great is that! Quickly work all you want and save up your time. However, if you’re still left with some work, simply take a 30 min break while the mower is on the charge. The product comes with 2 batteries, that charge in just 30 min with the rapid charger. How convenient is that! The rapid charge is something you’ll love for sure since it’ll save uploads of your time.

Height Adjustment

Next up, let’s have a look at the height adjustments the mower offers. The product comes with a 7- position single lever height adjustment ranging from 1-3/8″ to 3-4/4″ cut. You can now simply choose wherever height is convenient for you and make your plot neat as ever.


Another thing I simply love about the product is that it offers vertical storage. You now get to save 70% of more space in your garage with the help of vertical storage and save up loads of space too. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Adjust Power Automatically

This amazing battery-powered mower from Greenworks has the ability to automatically adjust its power. Now, if you’re mowing something of a much bigger height, it’ll require more battery and the opposite for short heights. The mower now easily adjusts power according to the grass height for a great performance. Isn’t that great?


Another great feature regarding the mower is that it has an amazing mowing performance. It makes sure to provide you with excellent quality functions. The mower comes with a 3 in 1 functionality too. These include:

  • Mulch
  • Bag
  • Side discharge

All of these combined with making your work better than ever. Moreover, the product also comes with 8″ front wheels and 10″ rear wheels. This will result to be quite convenient for you. Wheels are the basics of a mower, and they should be of high quality. Greenworks took this under consideration and provided you with the best high-quality wheels.


Now, don’t we all hate electronics that make noises? It’s so hard to use them, and they get so annoying. This reduced your motivation level to zero, and you just don’t feel like working due to the extremely loud noise. However, if you opt for Greenworks mower, you won’t face that issue at all. It operators quietly, without annoying you one bit. Moreover, the mower also comes with a push-button start feature. This way, your mower will start working as soon as you turn it on, and that’s it. There’s no choke when you turn the mower. How great!


Lastly, the mower comes with a brushless motor that will improve the mower’s performance. A brushless motor means more torque and increases the life of the tool as well. With the help of the brushless motor, this mower will result to be a durable and long-lasting purchase.

Easy To ChargeCharger Is Noisy
7 Height Adjustment Positions
No Hassle Of Gas




Here was our list of the best lawn mowers for 1 Acre lot. All the products mentioned are great as they do and are manufactured by top-notch companies out there. Make sure you go through all the pros and cons before selecting which one to opt for!



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