Placement Of Rear Speakers For Soundbar

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2021)

You might not be aware of the fact but the way you will position your home theater speakers will have a huge impact on the system sound. Placement of speakers will also elevate an average-sounding system to have an elite home theater experience. Right through this guide we will help you know about which areas are best to locate your speakers to get excellent sound results.

Front Left & Right Speakers

You should place front right and left speakers so your entire focus will be on the sound field towards the listening position. Make sure you do angle the speakers in the slight downward position towards the main seat which is directly in front of your TV set. Tweeters should be on the ear level when you are fully seated.

To add some fun into your listening, you can play around to figure out at how much far off location you can place your speakers from main wall. As much closer it is, the more it will reinforce the bass. This would be good to a certain degree.

But you can also improve your entire sonic performance if the speakers are being away from the main wall. It would be best to experiment with few positions to figure out what delivers out at the best.

Surround Speakers

You can place the surround speakers on the speaker stands. It would be rather best if you will mount it on the wall. Let’s share some friendly tips for you below:

  • 1 Surround Sound

For the 5.1 system, you should place the surround speakers from left & right towards your listening position. Try to aim them to be directly towards you for the excellent sound. If you feel that the side placement is not practical, you can place the surround speakers at considerable feet behind the listening position. Do face them forward.

  • 1 Surround Sound Speaker Placement

You have to locate your surround speakers to almost 1 to 2 feet just above the ear level for massive special effects.


As we know that the bass frequencies are omnidirectional, you do have the flexibility to figure out where you subwoofer goes. You should place the subwoofer near to the wall to result in more bass. Some of the people choose to locate their sub in front of the room so it becomes so much easy for you to have it connected with the home theater receiver.

Add A Second Sub For Excellent Bass

Use of two subs will improve the distribution of bass by completely filling in some gaps where the bass response will be weak. Second sub will also provide greater and impactful dynamics with excellent system headroom.


In short, the entire layout of your area or room will figure out how you will place the second sub. Some of the rooms will get best results by locating the sub in each front corner of your room. You can try different arrangements and locations to get an excellent bass of your sound system.



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