Best TVs For Motion Blur 2021

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

There are loads and loads of electronics developed every now and then, right? However, one of the oldest electronics of all-time would-be TVs. Philo Taylor blessed our lives by inventing them and making our lives better than ever.

TVs cater to us in many ways. Want to watch the news or want to see what’s the weather tomorrow? Simply turn on the tv. Watch your favorite movies, shows, and whatnot. TVs cater to us with an unlimited amount of entertainment, making your life easier than ever. Now, there are different features that come with different TVs that make them so special. Today, we will be talking about the best TVs for Motion blur out there. Motion blur makes sure to eliminate snot sort of blurring and catering you with a smooth viewing experience.

Best TVs For Motion Blur (Comparison)

Sony X800H43”3840 x 2160 Check Price
Samsung TU800075”3840 x 2160 Check Price
Samsung Q70T65”3840 x 2160 Check Price


Sony X800H

Sony X800H

At number one, we’ll be talking about Sony’s X800H TV. Sony is a well-known brand out there that makes sure to turn your dreams into reality. The company has earned the trust of its customers through ethical and responsible conduct. The brand has always made sure to manufacture a high-quality product to serve the needs of people.

Let’s have a look at Sony’s amazing Tv.


One great thing regarding the tv is the great pictures it delivers. All the pictures delivered to you are powered by a 4K HDR processor making sure you can view each and every detail without facing any sort of issue. Moreover, the colors are absolutely marvelous. The tv delivers vivid images making sure you can view everting. The contract ratio is great too. Moreover, it also delivers exceptional video content with a combination of ultra high resolution and HDR. How great is that!

Motion Flow Technology

Another great feature regarding the TV is that it comes with a motion blur technology. This feature makes sure nothing goes blur, whether you’re watching an action movie or sports. Everything delivered will be clear, leaving nothing behind. This feature provides you with a smooth viewing experience.


The built-up of the tv is great too. The product has been manufactured with high-quality products, making it a durable and long-lasting purchase.

Other than that, the product is not heavy as well. It’s quite lightweight, making it easier for you to move it from one place to another. Moreover, the design is absolutely fabulous. The tv comes in black color, making it quite attractive to the eye. It will definitely complement all sorts of decors. Place it wherever you like, and it will look great.

Easy To Use

The set up of the TV is not hard at all. It’s quite easy and simple to understand. Moreover, the tv also comes with a well-explained user manual to solve all your queries. Other than that, using the tv is not a huge deal at all. You come with an easy to use remote, with easy controls.


The amazing tv delivers high-quality sound as well. It comes with X balanced speakers that make sure to deliver clear sound. You can now watch whatever you want to with amazing sound quality. You’ll definitely have cinematic experience with this great tv.


One thing that I absolutely love about the tv is about how fast it is. You won’t have to wait when skipping from one app to another due to how fast it is. Also, with this great tv, you get to start Netflix 3x faster than before. How great does that sound! Watch all you Want with a super-fast tv that makes your experience better than ever.

Voice Assistant

Sony’s amazing TV also supports voice assistant. It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Use now get to use your voice to control your tv. How great is that! This way, you can easily manage different tasks, search for movies, and whatnot. You can even ask your voice assistant to turn up the volume, open up different apps, or even play music for you. Not to add, you can also control other smart home devices with the help of your voice assistant.

Amazing Picture QualityHard To Set Up If You Don’t Have An Android Phone



Samsung TU8000

Samsung TU8000

Here we have this amazing TU8000 TV from one of the most reputable brands out there, Samsung. The company is known all over the world due to its amazing performance and products since it came into existence. Samsung makes sure to provide its customers with high quality and innovative products. All of their products are manufactured using the latest technology to serve the needs of people from all over the world. Today, we will be talking about Samsung’s UN75TU8000FXZA TV. It comes with a number of excellent features so let’s have a look.


Firstly, let’s have a look at the images the tv delivers. Samsung’s tv is upscale with 4k technology that makes sure to deliver a cinematic image to you. The image will be crystal clear with each and every detail clearly visible to you. Moreover, all the colors delivered to you will be bright and vivid making your experience better than ever. You’ll be able to view each and everything without facing any sort of difficulty. Even the darkest of scenes will be completely bright. Perfect to watch a movie or play a game!

Voice Assistant

Another great feature regarding the tv is the voice assistant it comes with. Now, who doesn’t love a voice assistant right? We use them literally all the time on our phones. The voice assistant will help you with a bunch of stuff when it comes to controlling your tv. It’ll help you out in turning the volume up or down, searching for a movie you want to watch, and a lot more. Not to add, you can ask the voice assistant to do other stuff as well such as asking what the weather is or some other information related to literally anything. You’ll love the voice assistant for sure!


Next up, let’s have a look at the built-up of the tv. Samsung’s Tv has been manufactured using high-quality materials making it a long-lasting purchase. Not to add, other than its stability, it’s quite attractive as well. It comes in the color black making it quite appealing to the eye. The also has a slim and sleek design that gives it a contemporary look. You can place it wherever you like and it won’t fail to enhance the look of your room. Moreover, you can easily make your room neat and tidy by hiding the wires beneath the stand of the tv. How great is that! Make your room completely clutter-free due to the amazing design of the tv.

Easy To Use

The TV isn’t complicated at all. It’s quite easy to use due to its amazing controls. Also, the set up is quite easy too. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll be able to set it up. The tv also comes with a well-detailed user guide for your ease. Simply go through it and you’ll understand each and everything.

Universal Guide

Searching for a movie to watch won’t be a hassle now! You won’t have to spend hours and hours just to find a single movie to watch. The tv comes with a universal guide that displays the latest, top-notch movies out there for you to watch. How great is that!

User Friendly InterfaceSoftware Needs Improvement
Excellent Image Resolution
Amazing Design



Samsung Q70T

Samsung Q70T

Lastly, we have this amazing tv by the very famous and well-known brand out there, Samsung. The brand performs responsibly as a leading, global company. The company devotes its talent and technology to create superior products. It makes sure to create a better global society by manufacturing excellent quality products for its customers from all over the world. Today, we will be talking about Samsung’s Q70T TV. It comes with a bunch of excellent features that make it so amazing. Scroll down and have a look at them!


Firstly, let’s have a look at the amazing billions of colors the tv delivers. The tv has the ability to deliver a spectrum of different shades of colors to make sure you have an amazing viewing experience. Moreover, the tv also delivers 4K resolution pictures making sure each and every detail is perfectly clear to you. Not to add, the text on the screen will be delivered quite clear, making sure nothing is left behind.

Moreover, the tv comes with an adaptive picture feature that optimizes the tv by analyzing the picture and your rooms lightening. How amazing is that! You’ll have an amazing viewing experience with the help of this great tv.

Motion Rate

One other great feature regarding the tv is its motion rate. Samsung’s tv comes with a 240 Motion rate that makes sure to minimize motion blur on the screen. This feature is great for fast-paced movies or games that make sure you can view each and everything and have a smooth experience. Also, this feature is perfect for all gamers out there since they won’t face any sort of difficulties when playing their favorite game. Play all you want and defeat your enemies!


Next up, let’s have a look at the voice assistant the tv comes with. The amazing tv supports Alexa making your experience amazing. You can now ask Alexa to do stuff for you when you’re feeling too lazy. It has the ability to turn on the volume, skip from one app to another, search, or play something for you and more. Other than that, it also has the ability to control other smart devices of your room. For example, you can ask your google assistant to turn off the dryer for you or switch off the lights.


Now let’s have a look at the design of the tv. Samsung has always made sure to deliver its users with high-quality products. It makes sure all of the heir functions work best. However, when it comes to the design, Samsung doesn’t leave that behind either. The functions and as well as the design of the brand’s products are exceptional. The same goes for their tv. The tv comes in black color with stands. You can easily place it wherever you like. Moreover, the tv can be walk mounted as well. The product will look great wherever you place it making it a great décor.

Moreover, the screen of the tv is quite wide as well. This will make sure you can have an incredible viewing experience.


Understanding electronics can get hard at times, no? Understanding them is a headache; however, you won’t face those issues with Samsung’s tv. The amazing tv is quite easy to use. The set up is not that hard either. Simply go through the user manual, and you’ll understand each and everything regarding the tv. Moreover, the tv also comes with an easy to use remote, making sure you face no sort of difficulty when using it. How amazing does that sound!

Great For The PriceMight Face Software Issues
Excellent Resolution
Delivers Fantastic Colors



Here was our list of the best TVs for motion blur out there. All the TVs mentioned are manufactured by well-known brands out there and are great for the price as well. They are one of the best sellers out there and are simply loved by people.



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