Best Soundbars For X900F 2021

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Adding your bedroom with a flatscreen TV will always look impressive, but what about if the speakers of your TV present a flat sound as well? Do you want to add your soundbar with the boost of weedy sound?

Before you plan to purchase, it is important to know the dimension width of your television so it can match with the soundbar size. Although it is not important, still if you do so, this will be a huge benefit for you. For a larger TV, a giant soundbar will show great results.

The reason why soundbars are becoming so much popular is due to their sound quality and bass features. Most of the modern soundbars are accompanied with wireless subwoofers, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, or within 4K-friendly HDMI inputs. Some of them even offer access to Dolby Atmos audio alongside up-firing speakers.

Right through this guide, we will guide you about the Best Soundbars For X900F. Look for the one which suits your requirements and TV needs. Scroll down:

Best Soundbars For X900F (Comparison)

SoundbarOutput Channel 
Sony HT-G7003.1 Check Price
Polk Audio Signa S25.1 Check Price
Sony HT-Z9F3.1 Check Price


Sony HT-G700

Sony HT-G700

On the top, we have Sony HT-G700 Soundbar, which is known to deliver a high-quality and cinematic surrounded sound. The reason why it is becoming so much popular is due to its availability of a wireless subwoofer. All of its three channels have been forward-facing and do not focus on the surround or the height channels. They have all associated with Dolby Atmos as well as DTS: X audio formats. Its overall sound quality is truly magical.


This Sony HT-G700 is an advanced and latest soundbar where it supports Dolby Atmos & DTS: X. Through this support, the soundbar will deliver the best object-based audio formats by using a 3.1-channel layout through a wireless subwoofer.

Due to proprietary Vertical Surround Engine, Sony has claimed to produce virtual 7.1.2 surround best sound experience. Besides, a few other features are Bluetooth, 4K/60p & HDR pass-through, or eARC. But at the same time, it is lacking in Wi-Fi, Chromecast as well as Hi-Res Audio support.

All in all, this soundbar will keep things completely simple in terms of the design department. It has stylish matte black finishing making it look attractive. Chassis is completely constructed through hard and durable plastic with a solid mesh grille located at its front. There is also a display which is in between the center and left speakers.

This soundbar is an excellent choice for the 55-65 inch panel sizes. There is also an involvement of IR passthrough transmitters if it somehow blocks your entire TV’s IR receivers. Its overall build quality is excellent and weighs around 3.1kg. This will also show tremendous results over sound quality.


  • Speaker arrangement is 3.1
  • Power output is 400W
  • Bluetooth version is 5.0
  • Now Streaming
  • Dimensions (hwd) is 6 x 98 x 11cm (bar) & 39 x 19 x 40cm (subwoofer)
  • Weight is 7.7lbs (bar) & 16.5lbs (subwoofer)
Compact StyleDoes Not Offer Surround Drivers
Offers An Immersive AE For The Lesser Signals
Bluetooth Connectivity



Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio Signa S2

Second, on our list, we have Polk Audio Signa S2! This model by Polk Audio is working as a passable stereo 2.1 soundbar system for excellent sound quality. This is an upgraded form of soundbar model, which is perfect to use for watching movies or TV shows. But somehow, it does not produce a superior listening experience due to their 2.1 speaker configuration. Plus, it is also lacking the support of Atmos which is a major drawback.


Signa S2 makes the use of a separate subwoofer. The whole working system of amplifier and woofer is extremely dedicated where the bass is equally precise. Its wireless connection will keep the clutter down as well.

Apart from being a soundbar, this model also works as an effective audio player. With the help of a built-in Bluetooth receiver, it will be easy for you to link your laptop, smartphone, or various devices with the Bluetooth.

Staying at a height of 5.5cm, Signa S2 can easily get fitted in front of your TV set. Low height will add a sleek look to the whole appearance and will unblock the TV remote sensor.

Settings of one-button preset EQ settings will optimize the soundbar which is perfect for movie streaming. This will ensure a clear dialogue, add an immersive surround, and bring a deep bass impact for a superior home theater experience.

You can access the night mode push-button for a lower bass and increase the voice adjusts for clear dialogue without raising any master volume. Plus you do have a choice where you can customize your voice levels to reproduce a crisp and clear sound quality for movies.


  • Speaker arrangement is 3.2
  • Power output is 450W
  • Bluetooth version is 5.0
  • Dimensions (hwd) is 35.43″ x 2.15″ x 3.22″ (bar) & 6.72″ x 13.4″ x 12.2″ (subwoofer)
  • Weight is 3.9lbs (bar) & 11.4lbs (subwoofer)
Excellent Build QualitySurround Performance Needs To Be Improved
Impressive Audio Reproduction
Loud Sound




Sony HT-Z9F

Sony HT-Z9F

Sony HT-Z9F is yet an excellent 3.1 soundbar system setup that displays superior sound results because of a dedicated center speaker. It provides access to a wireless subwoofer with which you can give your sound quality an extra thump during streaming. Plus, this soundbar system is fully Atmos-enabled where it makes the use of Sony’s S Force & Vertical Sound technology for the stimulation of Atmos surround best sound experience. When it comes to its connectivity options, it has access to Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, as well as Chromecast built-in for streaming wirelessly.


With a 3-way, 3-driver audio system you will be capable to hear whole readability and natural depth in your audio. It consists of an inflexible 130mm MRC woofer for a greater dynamic bass with a 25mm tweeter & 19mm super-tweeter. This whole system of 3-way, 3-driver Speakers has been designed simply to reproduce High-Resolution Audio tracks.

Get a chance to dance to your favorite audio tune with stability and precision. These audio systems have been covered with new exquisite tweeters with extra-wide directionality. Their high-frequency notes are even reproduced exactly simply throughout an expansive soundstage. This woofer is tremendous to raise some low-end frequencies. This will also show tremendous results over sound quality.

It will furnish a steady and deep bass. Through the utilization of a foamed mica-cellular diaphragm, this speaker can produce effective bass. The finer element is wanted for some clear vocals in mid-range. Besides a few other features are Bluetooth, 4K/60p & HDR pass-through, or eARC. But at the same time, it is lacking in Wi-Fi, Chromecast as well as Hi-Res Audio support.

The compact layout of this soundbar makes it convenient adequate to get equipped into smaller spaces. It is space-efficient for an effortless set up in more than a few tight spots. Besides being in a compact size, it nonetheless presents a huge frequency response of 53Hz.

It additionally makes you supply away with the preparation information which explains its various uses. It has a set with rubberized corners which on the entire prevents the speaker from getting scratched up at some point of transportation.


  • Speaker arrangement is 3.2
  • Power output is 20 W (Subwoofer) & 52 W (Soundbar)
  • Bluetooth version is 4.2
  • Dimensions (hwd) is 35.43″ x 2.15″ x 3.22″ (bar) & 6.72″ x 13.4″ x 12.2″ (subwoofer)
  • Weight is 6.8lbs (bar) & 17.8lbs (subwoofer)
Supports Dolby Atmos & DTS: XDoes Not Offer Distinct Sounds At Heavy Action
Quick Setup
Easy To Expand To A Full 5.1 System



How To Choose Best Soundbar For Home Use? – Buying Guide

Soundbars are a nice way to get extremely good home theater audio without putting uploads of audio structures or dealing with messy wiring. If you pick out unmatched audio quality, you owe it to yourself to find you greater about soundbars.

Soundbars, or sound projectors as they are moreover known, consist of a single unit those residences a couple of audio structures to get the gorgeous home theater sound without greater than one audio gadget and messy wiring.

If you have a plasma flat display television, sound projectors are the high-quality audio machine to get an excellent sound. As you probably already know, the little built-in audio gadget in most flat show TVs do no longer put out top-notch audio for movies, tune or video games.

When you add a sound projector to the mix, though, you will get the terrific to embody sound barring cluttering your room up with an audio machine or tripping over wires all the time.

  • Sub-woofer Concerns

Some single speaker selections do not furnish the low-end bass that you prefer to get the first-rate high-quality audio. Some soundbar buildings embody a wi-fi sub-woofer to make sure that you get the outstanding audio ride possible. Some sound projectors do embody sub-woofers, clearly make certain that you take a look at them formerly than you purchase to know whether or not you will have to purchase a greater speaker.

  • Soundbar Types

Some soundbar fashions are lively and consist of their very personal amplification; this capability that they except a doubt plug into your TV and commence setting out the best sound. Other models, however, are passive and desire to be plugged into a home theater receiver to produce audio.

You can even add a sound projector into a modern-day home theater audio gadget for the closing dynamic sound quality. Soundbars work magnificently on their own, however, when you add them into a full embody sound set up, you can also be amazed at how movies and video games sound.

Whether you select to mix a soundbar into your cutting-edge system, or to use one on its private for greater sound from your television, make certain that you get the fantastic soundbar for your distinctive home theater set up.

Check out some soundbar reviews to see which fashions supply the first-rate sound, and whilst you are at it, show up for the great presents to save some money in the process. You will be amazed at how a top deal of greater videos sounds when you crank up the extent of an organization new soundbar.


So this was all about the top demanding models of soundbars for X900F reviews 2020. All the models are soundbars that are different from one another in respect to the sound quality and bass performance. Make sure you choose the one which is not just following your activity but even sets within your budget limitations as well.

Which one is your favorite?



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