Best Soundbars For Samsung KS8000 2021

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2021)

Get ready to choose brilliant and the Best Soundbars For Samsung KS8000, where we have some best and incredible options available by your side. Well, we all know that no matter whether you are holding are a party in the indoor areas or on the patio, you should always pick the best soundbar to enjoy the excellent sound quality.

What Are The Benefits Of Soundbar System Compared To Speakers?

For some people, it is not easy to handle the stress of cable connections in bulk. And therefore, as a replacement, we always recommend choosing the best quality soundboard system! Few major benefits of soundbar compared to speaker system are:


Its overall installation process is extremely easy to carry out. You don’t need to put yourself in too many cables where an attachment of just one cable is required. Plus, a power source is also needed.


As compared to speakers built-in in your TV, the system of the soundbar is extra powerful in its power capacity. You should be extremely careful when it comes to the selection of soundbar at a low cost. They do have a high watt power, so pick the one which is in Watts RMS.

Lesser Cables

You can completely keep yourself away from the hassle of wires or cable attachments at all points. You would just need to have one cable set, and you will be all done with its installation. Make sure you choose the one which is not just following your activity but even sets within your installation limitations as well.


You will never find the features of Bluetooth access in the ordinary TV speaker set. But a soundbar will provide you with this opportunity. You can connect the soundbar with different streaming devices such as your laptop, tablets, or mobile phones.

Samsung is a top leading brand from where you can get thousands of best options for an ultimate selection of the soundbar. So here we have a list of best soundbars reviewed to pick your favorite one right now:

Best Soundbars For Samsung KS8000 (Comparison)

SoundbarOutput Channel 
Yamaha YSP-2700BL7.1 Check Price
Bose Solo 52.0 Check Price
Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana5.1 Check Price


Yamaha YSP-2700BL

Yamaha YSP-2700BL

It’s time to immerse yourself into the reliable 7.1-channel surround sound with this slimmer soundbar. This YSP-2700 offers you the Yamaha proprietary Digital Sound Projector technology attached with 16 speakers. It is powered by 16 amplifiers, which delivers a superb sound experience with a remarkable presence, clarity, and detail. It provides high-definition results over audio processing.


This Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400 is although a new model that has completely revolutionized the whole concept of the soundbar system. It works as the two-channel bar where it is included with the separate active wireless set of the subwoofer.

As we talk about the key features, this soundbar is supporting high-resolution audio, which is offering you various streaming services. You can easily control it through Amazon Alexa. Plus you can also get HDMI, or Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, as well as Clear Voice feature.

The main attraction of this soundbar model has been its sleek stylish design look. It has a curved leading edge with a metal grille. Being available in black color with brushed metal finishing, makes it look so much attractive.

This soundbar model also uses front-firing speakers in a pair form. Each of the pairs has been composed out of two 4.6cm woofers as well as a 2.5cm tweeter. Moreover, it also contributes towards a 50W of built-in amplification which shows that the bar has enough power.

You do have an option where you can operate the whole soundbar system with the help of MusicCast app. It is quite a lot effective and in its absence, you can avail the use of the remote method to control the entire working process.

Its subwoofers have been composed of MDF which measures around 18 x 41.7 x 40.5cm, and almost weighs 9.4kg. It even sports a side-firing 6.5″ driver alongside the bass port which is on the front side as well as 100W of massive built-in amplification.

Various streaming devices are available in this soundbar which includes Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz. It even supports High-Resolution Audio which is around 24bit/192kHz. It is meant for AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, or FLAC file types.

Bottom Line

This excellent 2.1-channel soundbar is included with some of the useful features such as DTS Virtual:X or MusicCast multiroom. But it does lack an immersive audio support system which is its major drawback as compared to other models.

Offers A Well Integrated Pair Of SubwoofersLacking Dolby Atmos/DTS:X
Impressive Build QualityJust One HDMI
Quick Setup




Bose Solo 5

Bose Solo 5

Second, we have, Bose Solo 5! It is a compact and smaller soundbar system that won’t take much of your space in terms of set-up. It has a pretty sound profile which is neutral and balanced in its mid-range. You can listen to the lead instruments and voices. Its Bluetooth compatible nature makes it easy for you to stream the audios through tablet or phone.


This soundbar system is an all-black stylish model that is made out of durable plastic. The front and all the sides of this bar are fully covered with a metal grille. You will also find the subwoofer which has been embedded into the bar which is visible at the backside.

It is quite compact which makes it easy for you to adjust it into any corner of the house. It is capable enough to fit itself in between the legs of any 55″ TV stand. Its medium-height will never obstruct you from viewing the screen display.

On its right side, you will view all the input ports whereas the left side will display a built-in subwoofer. For the wall-mounting, you will offer two holes. But as you will wall-mount the system, it will probably obstruct the entire subwoofer port.

The soundbar does not include any sort of control buttons. But Bose is offering its users with an advanced universal remote control. With the help of this remote control, you can program all your devices through IR codes.

Plus, the remote control is also included with some additional buttons such as menu buttons, channel control, and much more. You can easily control your television or DVD player.

All of its available connections are quite basic with just coaxial, optical, and auxiliary connections. The involvement of coaxial and optical cables is the best option in this budget price. Although it does not offer any HDMI port, so you have to choose the device which has optical or coaxial output.  For the quick pairing of your device, it is lacking NFC.

Bottom Line

To sum up the whole discussion, it is completely clear that Bose Solo 5 is not perfect for movies at all. It lacks the support of Dolby Atmos content and does even has a downmix surrounded sound into the stereo, which is not immersive at all. Plus it is also lacking in the low-bass in sound profile which is a major drawback.

Excellent Build QualityLacking Dolby Atmos Support
Bluetooth Compatibility



Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana

Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana

Third, we have Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana which is such a deadly weapon when it comes to excellent sound quality. Being slim in shape, you can easily fit it under your monitor and can even match it with the rest of the soundbar models. It showcases an immersive audio experience for movies or game entertainment. It has been installed with various connectivity options.


The centerpiece area of the Katana system is the soundbar which is all shaped in the vague look of a namesake sword. It is housed with the two high-excursion tweeters as well as two up-firing midbass drivers. All due to the possibility of the the24-bit DAC alongside multi-core DSP, you can easily simulate 5.1-channel surrounded sound.

The bar is included with various connection options such as optical or 3.5mm, as well as Bluetooth, or micro USB-to-USB-A. Plus it is also offering a USB-A slot which is best for playing files right into the flash drive.

Furthermore, midrange speakers, as well as tweeters plus subwoofer all of them have been powered with the Creative’s Tri-Amplified System. It makes the use of propriety based multi-core Digital Sound Processor along with the access of Dolby Digital decoder.  This will display a balanced and seamless sound experience for you.

You do have a choice to select out of 4 various audio presets which are all professionally tuned for a great audio experience.  This will include night, game, cinema and concert.

Plus it’s Sound BlasterX Katana Audio System is extremely incredible with the brushes aluminum finishing look. Controls are located at the top or dead center which is based on 5 buttons. This will include power, source, Volume (up and down) & Audio/Lighting.

Bottom Line

To sum up, due to the availability of Bluetooth access, this soundbar has become the most favorite in the market. It brings excellent sound quality and has a stylish design to bring some brilliant outlook to your room space. Being pricey is just its major drawback for the people who wish to buy it.

Sleek Stylish DesignNone That We Could Find
Sound Quality Is Excellent
Offers RGB Lighting




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the excellent soundbar for your Samsung TV?

You can choose Samsung HW-Q950T for your Samsung TV as the best soundbar system. It has a well-built and premium design with a 9.1.4 setup. It is included with the long bar, as well as a wireless subwoofer, with two satellite speakers. For the movies, this bar even supports Atmos for getting an awesome sound experience.

Is it better to choose a JBL soundbar other than Samsung?

Samsung will offer a graphic EQ plus presets where it also supports various audio formats through the Optical In port. But JBL has a balanced sound profile with great surrounded performance. Plus it also offers a room correction.

How you can get the best sound on your Samsung Soundbar?

If you want your soundbar sound quality to shine a bit, you should mute or turn off your television. You can also use an HDMI (ARC) or few more high-quality cables so you can relay some audio signals towards your Soundbar.

Is it compatible to use Sony Sound Bar with your Samsung TV?

You do have a choice where you can use the HDMI for running the components on your bar. But for that sake, you have to purchase an HDMI/DVI adapter. But if you are having an HDMI on its back, you can eventually use HDMI to run the soundbar on TV.

Is it important to match the soundbar with the TV brand?

No, it is not! You don’t have to match the brands for TV or soundbar selection. But if you do so, you will be granted numerous benefits. Few major benefits will be compatibility design, sound features, and single-remote syncing.


So this was all about the topmost demanding models of soundbars for KS8000 reviews 2020. All the models are soundbars that are different from one another in respect to the sound quality and bass performance. Make sure you choose the one which is not just following your activity but even sets within your budget limitations as well.

Which one is your favorite?



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