Best Soundbars For 60 Inch TVs 2021

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2021)

No doubt that the best audio will add a new touch of freshness into any show or your favorite movie. Even though if you are listening to your favorite audios or your favorite shows, an excellent quality always comes around from a certain potential to add some new dimensions into your whole audio experience.

To give your audio quality the best touch, choosing the best and reliable soundbars is the best option for you. Right here, we will give you a list of the Best Soundbars For 60 Inch TVs to have a superb audio experience right now

Best Soundbars For 60 Inch TVs (Comparison)

SoundbarTotal Power Output 
Samsung HW-T650340 W Check Price
JBL Bar 2.1300 W Check Price
Klipsch Cinema 400400 W Check Price


Samsung HW-T650

Samsung HW-T650

If you want to enjoy your favorite audios at its best sound quality, then choosing Samsung HW-T650 soundbar system from Samsung is the best option for you. Apart from being part of a reputable brand, this system has some advanced features which will give your whole audio sound a worthwhile experience. It is available in a price range of 1000 or less.

Key Features

  • It has a dimension of 48.26″ W x 3.26″ H x 5.35″ D, along with the subwoofer having a net dimension of almost 8.07″ W x 15.86″ H x 15.86″ D.
  • Plus, it is included with the packed features of wall mount kit, remote control as well as HDMI cable, and battery.
  • Dolby Atmos is also part of it, which is an advanced sound processing technology. This technology will enable you to achieve the best sound results.
  • You will get a multi-dimensional cinematic superior audio, which remains guaranteed within this device available with the13 speakers. All of these speakers are shooting sounds in various directions.
  • It has a frequency response of 34Hz~17kHz, which all the subwoofers have been offering.

You can easily have this soundbar be installed at any place. Plus, you do have a choice where you can easily mount it o the wall or can even occupy it over the floor space. The installation kit is available with the system along with the manual instruction guide.  The whole process is hassle-free and quite less time-consuming.

With the help of adaptive sound technology, this system has the capacity to track the best sound beats to provide the user with optimum and excellent sound quality. In this way, you will be able to turn all your leisure hours into fun and excitement without any hassle. Overall, it is worth buying right now!


  • Speaker System Configuration is 3.1-channel
  • System Components are soundbar & subwoofer
  • Amplification Type is active
  • Audio System Nominal Output Power (Total) is 340 Watt
  • Audio Amplifier is integrated
  • Connectivity Technology is both wired, wireless
  • Sound Effects are 3D surround sound
  • Built-in Decoders are DTS decoder & Dolby Digital

Reported Pros & Cons are as follows:

Well-balanced Profile Of SoundLacking Sub-bass
Five Balanced EQ Presets
Durable & Well-built



JBL Bar 2.1

JBL Bar 2.1

If you have been thinking about improving the audio experience of any system like TV, or Home Theatre, and such, JBL is yet the just one name that can be depended on as besides any doubt. JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar system has some advanced features which will give your whole audio sound a worth experience. Apart from the overall manufacturing the excellent satisfactory digital devices of various categories, Sony is one of the most dependable names for the best soundbars.  No doubt, it is a precious addition to the TV system and theater.

Key Features

  • It is available with effective subwoofers that add upon to the distinct experience of listening to exceptional music
  • It points out 7 sound modes to beautify the whole experience of watching movies, listening to music, or gaming, or watching sport
  • This system also enhances the voice to simply provide higher sound nice and readability at each and every single level.
  • This one is best for giant areas as the sound is made to attain freely all through the corners of the area by means of this device

This JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar one is fully well-matched with the Alexa. If you want to revel in tune listed on Amazon, you simply want to ask Alexa to play the same on this JBL Bar 2.1, and your hours of amusement will absolutely attain new heights. You can additionally get any machine of yours related to this Bar 2.1 to experience the very high-quality music.

Connecting the system with different units is additionally easy. You do not have to go into any sort of trouble sorting wires for the wiring connection. Wi-Fi-enabled Bar 2.1 can be linked without difficulty with the use of the network. Also, access to Bluetooth connectivity is available for this device, which makes is the pairing of smartphones a hassle-free task.


  • Total Maximum Power is 300W
  • Soundbar has 4 racetrack drivers is 2 x 1″ tweeter
  • Subwoofer Transducer Size is 6.5″
  • Bluetooth Version is 4.2
  • Max SPL is 99db
  • Frequency Response is 40Hz to 20KHz

Reported Pros & Cons are as follows:

ReasonableProblematic Optical Cable
Powerful Results Of Audio Performance
Sound Modes




Klipsch Cinema 400

Klipsch Cinema 400

One of the nice and the most fairly priced ones, this soundbar is best for those who love to revel in their track from each nook of the room. Apart from being unique in form and size, Klipsch Cinema 400 is additionally best for events at domestic if you plan to fill the surroundings with some musical buzz.

Key Features

  • It perfectly works as the wireless home theatre supplying track right into the course of the corners of any house.
  • Setting this one up is quite a lot easy, and it does not demand a lot of space settlement at any point.
  • Klipsch Cinema 400 Soundbar gives crystal clear sound quality
  • The wireless subwoofers add to the typical experience of audio

The fantastic part about this soundbar is that you can set up towards the multi-room track set up by means of connecting countless audio system positioned inside the specific rooms with it. Hence, no matter the place the sound is producing from, you will usually get to hear the pleasant of it regardless of your role in the house. This system has some advanced features which will give your whole audio sound a worth experience.

No matter if you are using Bluetooth connectivity, this incredible Klipsch Cinema 400 soundbar is adaptable to all of these and hence also ensures an effortless and seamless connection.


  • Speaker System Configuration is 2.1-channel
  • System Components are soundbar & subwoofer
  • Amplification Type is active
  • Frequency Response is 35 – 20000 Hz
  • Output Level (SPL) is 99 dB
  • Audio Amplifier is integrated
  • Connectivity Technology are both wired, wireless
  • Built-in Decoders is Dolby Audio
  • Best for your home theatre

Reported Pros & Cons are as follows:

Refined Access To Sound SignatureOffers Just Stereo Sound
Excellent Bass Response
Attractive Design




How To Choose The Best Soundbar For 60 Inch TV? – Buying Guide

Even if you are looking for a soundbar system which is for the TV or for the dialogue, you have to follow a few basic considerations which play a vital role. As a newbie, it will be a hard task for you, so here we have shared a few important aspects with you to pick the right choice of the soundbar system. Let’s have a look:


Connectivity is considered to be an important element that plays an important role in buying the soundbar. You have to connect your soundbar system with more than two devices to enjoy the real fun of audio and music. Therefore, it is important to pick the one which is quite easy in terms of connection and should offer multi-channel connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.). In this way, you will be able to connect various devices all at once.

Number Of Channels

The second aspect is about the number of channels where you have to make sure that you are not settling yourself to less than 3 channels. If a perfect surround sound is going around in your mind, then make sure you do check the certain soundbars with at least 3 or more channels. Choosing a soundbar with 2 channels is quite competitive when it comes to real-time surround sound.


The next important factor is related to the active & passive soundbars! As compared to passive systems, an active soundbar system is always known to be superior. It has the availability of built-in amplifiers, which brings out an outstanding experience of audio.


Furthermore, you should also consider your budget in mind, which is an important factor. Try to pick the system which is not just high in quality but goes out to be premium in quality as well. You can list down few best models one by one and compare their process to finalize the best one for yourself.


The last and most important factor is about the brand! Always try to choose the soundbar from the brands that offer you at a low price but in the superior quality framework. Reputable and best brands will always try to offer you the systems which are based on the most advanced technologies. But through a branded soundbar system, you will be able to experience a better quality of grain-free audio.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between 2.1 and 5.1 soundbar?

When it comes to the 2.1 soundbars, it is based on two speakers that are on the right and left channel along with a subwoofer. 5.1 soundbar systems have 5 speakers, which are located at the front left, front right, front center, as well as surround left, and surround right, and a subwoofer.

Can you use any system of soundbar on any TV?

You do have a choice where you can pair your soundbar with any size of your TV. But as the size is concerned, you should use your discretion. Make sure that your TV has the right connectivity to quickly hook up the system set of soundbar if your set of TV is 8 years or older.

What size of soundbar do you need for a 55 inch TV?

40 to 50 inches is the best size of the soundbar for the 55 inches of TV. 55 inch TV set has a width of around 47.8 inches, so it is also recommended to choose a soundbar having a size of between 40 to 50 inches.

Do you need a subwoofer with your soundbar?

The Soundbar system does not need any subwoofer to get the best quality of sound. Soundbars are based on multiple internal speakers with which you can get the best quality of sound on their own, but the subwoofer will produce low frequencies, which many soundbars cannot.

For how long time a soundbar last?

If you wish to use the system of the soundbar for a long duration, so choose the one which produces excellent sound results. Most of the sets will survive for 12 months maximum but make sure you check them before you purchase them.


Choosing the best system for the soundbar is not a tedious task at all, but still, we have mentioned for you few primary factors which you need to follow for choosing the best quality of soundbar system. Keep your basic requirements and overall budget in mind; you would definitely end up choosing the optimal one. Make sure you check the features and do compare the prices so at the end of the day you find the one which is your dream one.

All the best!



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