Best 4K TVs For Gaming Under $500 2021

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

Surely, a dog is a man’s best friend; however, when it comes to electronics, a tv is considered to be a man’s best friend. Tv’s are the epitome of entertainment. They make it possible for us to watch movies, shows, videos, and whatnot on them. They are commonly used all over the world, and you’ll find them everywhere you go.

TVs are also used for gaming purposes. Now, due to the huge competition in the market, it gets quite hard for us to choose the best tv available in the market. Today, we’ve sorted this issue for you. We’ve made a list of the best sellers out there when you’re on a budget. Scroll down and have a look at the Best 4K TVs For Gaming Under $500. You’ll surely love all of them due to the amazing features they come with.

Best 4K TVs For Gaming Under $500 (Comparison)

4K TVSizeResolution 
Samsung TU800050”3840 x 2160 Check Price
TCL S42543”3840 x 2160 Check Price
Samsung U710050”3840 x 2160 Check Price


Samsung TU8000

Samsung TU8000

Here at number one, we have TU8000 great TV from Samsung. The company has been in the Picture for years and has always made sure to perform responsibly as a leading, global company. The company is committed to providing users from all over the world with exceptional products. Today, we will be talking about Samsung’s amazing Tv. It comes with a number of amazing features, so let’s have a look.


The main thing about tv is the colors it delivers, right? If a tv fails to deliver the perfect amount of colors, then it is basically useless. However, Samsung’s tv makes sure to display an excellent quality of colors. All the pictures displayed to you will be extremely great, with vivid colors. Users get to experience crystal clear colors that are fine-tuned. Perfect for playing a game on or for watching a movie on.

Auto Game Mode

The feature that makes this tv perfect for gaming will be the auto game mode it comes with. This amazing feature automatically optimizes the screen. It also maximizes input lag.  This gives you better control of the game, making sure you can play easily. Other than that, the auto game mode will allow you to experience a smooth gaming experience with no sort of motion blur or judder. You can now play all you want without facing any sort of difficulty. Defeat your enemies, and have a great time!

Easy Controls

Another great feature regarding the monitor would be its easy controls. Now we all know electronics can be a bit hard to understand and get used to, no? However, Samsung’s amazing tv comes with a number of easy controls you’ll love for sure. The tv comes with a slim and sleek remote that automatically detects and controls all connected devices and content as well. Using and handling the tv will be an easy job due to the amazing remote. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Universal Guide

Now it gets annoying when you’re looking for a good movie, and you spend hours searching for one, no? This is something that annoys us to our core and takes up loads of time. However, if you opt for Samsung’s tv, this issue will be resolved. The tv comes with a universal guide that provides you with a list of context curated from different channels that are specially personalized for you. How amazing is that! You can now easily find your favorite content, according to what you like to watch the most in just one place.


Lastly, let’s have a look at the design of the amazing tv. Samsung’s tv comes in a sleek and elegant design that will look great wherever you place it. You can place it in your bedroom, your office or your living room for a great time. The tv will compliment all sorts of decors due to the minimalistic design it comes in. Not to add, you can even clean up the clutter by keeping all your tv cabbies in the stand so that your room remains neat and tidy. Perfect!

The tv also comes with a huge screen that allows you to play on it quite easily. Great for watching a movie or playing your favorite video game with friends from all over the world!

Voice AssistantSoftware Is Slow At Times
Easy To Use
Excellent Picture Resolution



TCL S425

TCL S425

Number 2 on our list, we will be talking about this amazing S425 TV from TCL. The company is known all over the world for the amazing work it performs. It is one of the fastest-growing Tv brands in North America. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality products with a great, stylish design. All of its products are manufactured with high-quality products, making them a long-lasting purchase. Today, we will be talking about TCL’s 43S425 Tv. Scroll down and have a look.

Stunning Picture

A stunning picture is a must for tv to provide, no? It is one of the basic features of great tv, and TCL’s tv comes with this amazing feature. The tv makes sure to deliver high-quality images, with the perfect contrast ratio and brightness. All the images will be quite bright and clear with a great resolution. One will definitely have an excellent time when playing on this tv or watching a movie on it. Perfect for various purposes due to the crystal clear images!

Mobile App

One of the best features regarding the tv is that you can easily control it with your mobile phone. Simply download the TCL mobile app and transform your phone into a remote. You can use voice control, you can add new channels via the app and even browse all you want. Other than that, the mobile app also allows you to listen to tv audio on headphones connected to your mobile device. How convenient does that sound? Perfect to use since this feature won’t disturb anyone else in the house with the loud noise.


Using the remote that comes with the tv won’t be a huge deal at all. Now I know electronics come with quite complicated remotes; however, that’s not the case with this amazing tv. TCL’s tv comes with a super simple and easy to use remote. It has only 20 buttons to make it easier for you to navigate. The more the buttons, the more confusing the remote gets; however, TCL’s tv comes with just a bunch of buttons. How great! Simply browse all you want wit the easy to use remote and have an amazing time watching your favorite tv show.


Next up, let’s have a look at the built-up of this amazing tv. TCL’s tv is manufactured with high-quality materials making it durable and long-lasting purchase. Other than that, the tv isn’t heavy either. It’s quite lightweight, making it easier for one to movie or form one place to another. You can easily mount it on the wall or place it anywhere in your lounge. Moreover, the tv comes with a beautiful design too. It’s quite appealing to the eye and will look great no matter where you place it. How great is that!

Voice Assistant

Lastly, the tv also supports different voice assistants such as Alexa and google assistant. You can simply ask the voice assistant to change something for you, play something or pause something along with several other stuff. Watch all you want with the help of your voice assistant when you’re relaxed or feeling too lazy. The voice assistant will result in him quite convenient for you, and you’ll love it for sure.

High Quality BuildLegs Are Too Far Apart
Good Value For Money
Works With Bual-band Wi-Fi & Ethernet Port




Samsung U7100

Samsung U7100

We have U7100 TV an amazing model from Samsung. The well-known brand has always made sure to provide people with great quality products to make their lives a lot easier. The company works with a team of professionals that cater to you with innovative products. The brand manufactures a bunch of products, and one of them is its incredible TVs. All of their TVs are loved by people from all over the world due to their amazing functionality.

Today, we will be talking about Samsung’s UN50RU7100FXZA tv. It comes with a bunch of exceptional features, so let’s have a look.

Picture Quality

Firstly, let’s have the picture quality of the tv. The basic function of tv is to provide crystal clear and amazing images, and Samsung’s tv has not failed to achieve this goal. The tv comes with a powerful processor that optimizes your TV performance with 4K picture quality. How great does that sound, no? Moreover, it delivers the shades of color that make sure to reverse more detail than a regular HDTV can deliver. With the help of this amazing tv, you get to enjoy a wide range of colors. Enjoy watching a movie with a vibrant image and have an incredible experience!

Universal Guide

Now it gets hard searching for a movie or a show on the tv due to the large variety of shows available, no? Samsung’s tv now makes this task quite easier for you. It comes with a universal guide that is basically an easy way to find streaming content and live tv shows. How great does that sound? Searching for a show can take up a lot of your time; however, you won’t face that issue due to the help of the universal guide. Perfect for spending a Saturday night watching your favorite movie!

Motion Rate

Another great feature regarding the tv would be the motion rate. It comes with a 120 motion rate making sure the tv works at the speed of the wind. The motion rate will reduce input lag when playing a game on TV and will provide you smooth gaming experience.

Easy To Use

One of the best features regarding the tv would be how easy to use it is. It comes with a quite easy to use remote, making sure you face no difficulty when using it. Play all you want without facing an ounce of issue. Sounds perfect, no?


Now, don’t we all love a good looking, smart tv, no? Samsung’s tv comes in a great slim and sleek design, making it quite attractive to the eye. The tv comes in a contemporary look so that you can place it wherever you want to be it your living room or bedroom. The minimalistic design of the tv is something everyone would love! The slim design of the tv is something you’ll admire for sure. Not to add, you can easily hide the tv cables beneath the stand and make your room look neat and tidy.

Alexa & Google Assistant

Lastly, this great TV by Samsung supports both Alexa and google assistant. Personally, I love having a voice assistant due to how convenient it is. Want to change the channel, or search for a specific program? Simply ask your voice assistant to do the job for you. Not to add, you can even control other smart home devices and appliances with the help of the voice assistant, whether it is switching off the machine or turning on the dryer. Perfect!

User-friendly InterfaceSmall Controller
Excellent Picture Quality
Attractive Design



So here was our list of the best 4k TVs for gaming under $500 out there. All the products mentioned are great and are loved all over the world. However, they all come with a bunch of pros and cons, so make sure you go through them, opting for one.  Play all you want and have a fantastic experience! Perfect for a gaming night with your friends from all over the world.



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