Best 3 Channel Passive Soundbars 2021

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2021)

As we talk about the speakers, there are divided into two main types, i.e., active and passive. Active speakers are available with built-in amplifiers where they are also known as powered speakers. You can have them connected with your mixing board directly. On the contrary, passive speakers work as the non-powered home theater receivers as the traditional speaker approach.

Why should you choose a passive soundbar?

Passive speakers are lacking digital processing signal as well as inputs. But at the same time, they have tremendous flexibility. You do have a choice to choose your own receiver and amplifier as well as decode various audio formats. Passive speakers also allow you to connect various subwoofers all at once and manage your soundbar settings.

As you choose the Best 3 Channel Passive Soundbars for your home theater, there are 3 primary considerations that you have to keep in mind. We have also analyzed the best passive soundbar for you below to pick the best one for yourself right now.

Best 3 Channel Passive Soundbars (Comparison)

SoundbarTotal Power Output 
Martin Logan Motion SLM X3140 W Check Price
Klipsch G-42200 W Check Price
BIC America FH56-BAR625 W Check Price


Martin Logan Motion SLM X3

Martin Logan Motion SLM X3

The Martin Logan Motion SLM X3 is the latest and slim wall mount style of a ready speaker. This speaker has been superbly building to blend itself visually straight into your room. It will offer the excellent performance of drivers and the high efficiency to deliver superior sound results for the video enthusiasts. Plus it is also reasonable priced for ordinary people.


Martin Logan’s Motion SLM X3 has been fitted into the passive speaker category just because it does not own amplification. Plus, it is not included with DSP as well. But it is entirely an attractive and sleek soundbar which is so modern and sophisticated looking.

It has a length of around 1.2 meters, making it medium-sized to easily fit into any corner of the house. Its sleek and slim thickness eventually makes it look so much elegant. Its extra appeal is all visible due to its gloss black finishing with a metal grille.

You can either have it located on the shelf or mount it on the wall. As you will position it on the shelf, you have to adjust it in tilt angle. As it is passive, therefore, it does not include power receptacles or inputs.  Its rear panel is hosting almost three sets of the spring-loaded or push-down speaker terminals, marked center, right, or left.

You will find at least 9 drivers behind the grille, which have been all arranged in a set of three. Each of the sets is based on a tweeter as well as two midrange drivers. The SLM X3 is included with three Folded Motion transducers positioned at the left, center, and right sides. Each of the tweeters has been partnered by the two paper-coned midrange drivers.

For right and left channels, these tweeters are positioned at the end sides of the bar. This is followed through the set of two midrange drivers. The set of center channel HF transducer is equally centered, which has the midrange on either side.

You can use this soundbar along with the standalone subwoofer, where its low-frequency output has been limited to 120 Hz. But its high-frequency end response is around 23 kHz.


  • Speaker Design is 3-channel & 2-way
  • Low-Frequency Drivers is 6x 4″ (10.1 cm) paper cone woofers
  • Sound Dispersion is 80 x 80°
  • Sensitivity is 93 dB/2.82 V/m
  • Recommended Amplifier Power is 20 to 140 W
  • Maximum Input Power is 70 W
  • Impedance is 4 Ohms where it is compatible with the 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers
  • Crossover Frequency is 3000 Hz
  • Frequency Response is ± 3dB 120 Hz to 23 kHz
  • Terminals are 3 x push-style binding post pairs
  • Cabinet Style is sealed
  • Weight is 13 lb (5.9 kg)
Great Sound QualityExpensive
Well Designed




Klipsch G-42

Klipsch G-42

The Klipsch Gallery G-42 soundbar is an excellent and reliable one-piece cross-over style of 5.1 channel home theatre best speaker system. The passive bar works as the receiver because it does not have any internal receiver. This is although a big benefit because it prevents you from buying any separate receiver.

Plus, it is also based on built-in amplifiers, which are generally not too powerful in most of the soundbars. It makes the use of horn-loaded speaker advanced technology so it can display the results of clear and crispy sound effects.


It is also included with the 3 Tractrix horns alongside a 1-inch titanium dome set of tweeters. This will enable the audio to pay attention to the detail and depth of dialogues or vocals. The whole design of the tweeters has been put together with such advancement, enabling it to produce an extra watt of volume compared to standard ordinary tweeters.

The involvement of the flared horn will keep the floor and ceiling distortion in complete check. It will give the whole sound a realistic impression through sharper imaging. Excellent 1-inch tweeters have been designed for the right, center, and left channels. Plus, it is also included with four 3.5 inch long-throw-based IMG high-output woofers where two are designed for the center channel, whereas one each has been designed for the left & right channels.

You can also pair this soundbar with other speakers of Klipsch Gallery as well. This will help your system to create excellent room-filling surround sound. Its frequency response is around 65-24000 Hz.

This Klipsch Gallery G-42 is so beautifully designed where it has a slender, glossy black body. You can easily fit it at any place without any distortion or hurdle. It will take less space. Hence you do have a choice to either place it on the tabletop or the shelf.  If space is the real issue, then you can also mount it on the wall.

Its dimension is height-6 inches, width-42 inches & depth-2.4 inches. Being lightweight, it just weighs 12 pounds. Although G-42 does not have strong bass support, it is still recommended to get it paired with the subwoofer.


  • Speaker Design is 3-channel & 2-way
  • Low-Frequency Drivers is Four 3.5″ (8.89 cm) active long-throw IMG woofers
  • Recommended Amplifier Power is 50 to 200 W
  • Maximum Input Power is 80 W
  • Crossover Frequency is 2500 Hz
  • Terminals are 3 x push-style binding post pairs
  • Cabinet Style is Bass-reflex
  • Weight is 12 lb (5.9 kg)
Subwoofers EmbeddedLacking Wireless Capabilities
Horn-loaded Technology
Sleek & Minimalist Design




BIC America FH56-BAR

BIC America FH56-BAR

BIC America is a top leading brand that is popularly known to deliver the best of the sound results with its incredible passive soundbar models. BIC America FH56-BAR soundbar has the system of the 3-channel soundbar, which is included with the right, left, and center channels. Plus, it has been clubbed with the surrounds and A/V receiver, and with the subwoofer to produce excellent results.


Describing more about this bar model, it is a two-way-firing soundbar which is suitable for the 46 to 52-inch flat-screen TVs. Plus, it has been equipped with four 4-inch injection-molded metallic anodized drivers with rubber surrounds.

The bar is also offering three 1-inch metallic anodized styles of ultra-wide dispersion tweeters. This will enable them to project the sound over the remotest corners of the room. Hence this Anodization will make the tweeters as well as drivers extra durable and long-lasting.

Moreover, it has the sleek style of vented cabinet add up with chic and high gloss finishing. The involvement of a removable grille will pop up and down in all snaps.  You don’t need to worry about its placement because it rests quite pertly under the set of TV. All the ports of this soundbar are located at its top to balance the sound system’s entire pressure. To improve durability, the bar is included with gold-plated screw terminals.


  • Frequency Response is 37Hz-23kHz
  • Sensitivity is 96dB @ 1 watt, 1 meter, and high-efficiency output to 116dB
  • Drivers are (2) 6 1/2″ injection molded woofers, with (3) 6 1/2″ mid/high-frequency horns, & (2) 4 1/4″ side-mounted surrounds.
  • Gold-Plated Terminals is included
  • Recommended Power is 10- 125 watts RMS per channel, with 625 watts peak power
  • Impedance is 8 ohms
  • Dimensions is 8″H x 43W x 7″D, with Carton Dimensions of 48Lx 13H x 12D
  • Weight is 35 Pounds
  • Warranty is 5 Years
Easy To Move AroundLacking Mounting Hardware
Easy To Mount



How To Choose Best Passive Soundbar? – Buying Guide

To choose the best quality passive soundbar, you have to follow a few important factors in mind to choose an excellent one. Here we have a few important factors which you should consider:


First of all, your main concern should be the soundbar’s durable nature, without which investing in any model is useless. You should look for materials which sturdy and they should be long lasting in resistance. You should choose a low-quality system just to save your money.


Well, Passive soundbars are yet available in various sizes. So you will always be left with the preference to choose either a small or the big one. You should be determining the size of the soundbar based on your requirements and needs.


Plus, the material which is used in the manufacturing of the soundbar is based on the manufacturer. Pick those which are made out of durable and excellent quality ones for an improved life.

Price & Reviews

The next most important factor you should be careful about is the price. You should never choose a low-quality model just for money-saving purposes. Make sure you compare the prices of different models and then choose the one which stands following your requirements.


Plus the weight is another important factor which you should consider along with the storage. Try to focus on the climate type at the time of choosing or saving on the passive soundbar.


Ensure that a manufacturer’s assurance backs the passive soundbar you are buying. Choose the one with the most assurance as you don’t have to fear the troubles if they occur in the future. Go for the approved supplier when shopping for a passive soundbar for your home. In this way, you will get extra aid from the provider alongside the manufacturer.


The placement of the soundbar is additionally a vital element to consider. Pay interest to the area, the place you are going to mount it, whether or not it is a table, a wall, or a media console. The passive soundbar should be accurate in the set up that you have already planned. Take into account the room measurement due to the fact the bar should be proportional to the measurement of the room.


Most of the soundbars are Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi enabled, so it is effortless to move track from any machine like a phone, computer, or tablet. Check for HDMI switching so you can effortlessly swap audio sources besides the want of re-routing HDMI cables.



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