What To Look For When Buying A New Car Battery

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2020)

Buying auto parts can be slightly intimidating, but with the right advice, you can make that decision quickly. Some of the important tips when looking for a new car battery are discussed below.

Know Your Battery

This step in choosing the right car battery is to identify the right fit. The easiest to find out which battery is right for your car is to find the information in the owner’s manual. But if you can’t find the manual, the first step you can do is to check your car battery and identify the model. Most models are suitable for multiple cars, but if you don’t get the right size, it won’t fit into the engine. Also, identify the locations of the battery terminals, because if you choose a battery with the wrong location of the terminals, the cables will not connect.

Driving & Maintenance Habits

An important thing to know when you are looking for a new car battery is your driving and maintenance habits. This means that if you are a driver who makes many short trips, you should choose a battery that has a long lifespan. For the maintenance factor, some batteries require regular maintenance, while others require no attention after their installation. If you are busy with no knowledge of batteries, it is obvious to buy a maintenance-free battery.


Now, once you know what type of battery you need, the next step you will look at is the price. But if you don’t know the terminology used in automotive batteries, you might end up comparing different standards.

Some of the most important measures are

  • Cold Start Amps (CCA)– This indicates the ability of the batteries to start even in cold weather.
  • Capacity reserve– This number gives you the time that the car will only run on the battery if the alternator breaks down.
  • Group Size– This indicates the dimensions and location of the power terminals on the battery

Many people like to save money by buying a used car. Everyone knows the basics when it comes to testing the pipe and checking for leaks. One of the important things to keep in mind when buying a used car is that there are certain accessories, Fiat accessories, Ford accessories and Chevy accessories that can increase the value of a used car. Now take a look of the most wanted accessories that salespeople can add to a car to really show off its weight in gold.

LED car bulbs are an important thing to expect on any used car. As with LED house lamps, LED car bulbs have many advantages that are important to consider. They are brighter, produce a better quality of light, last longer, and use less energy. LED bulbs should only be changed a few times during the life of a car. The engine is likely to die before the installation of three sets of LED bulbs.

Depending on the age of the car, one important thing to look for might be the seat covers. Even if the original seats are still in acceptable condition, the seat covers help keep them that way, and many people ignore this simple fact. Also, consider that seat cushions can also be added to car seats, and these cushions help make driving more comfortable. One could even get lucky and buy a car with seat covers with integrated cushions.

High tech accessories never hurt either. If someone has installed a mounted GPS, it can make a used car even more valuable. After all, these types of devices are useful when you drive a lot in cities you don’t know. Students find these devices to be very useful when moving to new university cities during their first years away from home. Let’s not forget that students are also a big part of used car buyers.

Try to make sure that the mounted accessories are correct for the specific car, for example, the Fiat accessories on Fiat cars and know that you are modeling because they are often pre-installed by the manufacturers, but some are added by the seller, which can affect the actual value of the vehicle. Asking this question is important, as well as having someone with technical mechanical knowledge with you for the purchase.

Who are fortunate enough from us to own newer models know the benefits of having a car thermometer. If you own an older car, you will need to buy an after-sales thermometer, this may seem like a fairly simple purchase, but there are a few considerations to take into account before choosing the ideal unit for your needs.

You will notice a big price variation on different models. The reason is that they offer a range of different features, some units have built-in clocks and alarms, and some can give you indoor and outdoor temperatures. Another point to consider is that some of the cheaper units have built-in sensors that are on the unit itself, which means that if you want to get an accurate reading of the outside temperature, you will need to open a window, it is not always possible. The best option would be to look for one that has external sensors as well as internal sensors. External sensors must be attached to the outside of the car in order to obtain an accurate reading. The backlight function is handy if you do a lot of driving at night and is standard on most digital models.

Finally, do not buy a car battery that has been on the shelf for more than six months. Check the date by consulting the printing of the label, which will be in a two-digit code, the first alphabet means the month, for example A (January) b (February) followed by the year. If you’ve done your homework by understanding these basic concepts, there will be no problem choosing the perfect battery for your car.



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