Best Bike Racks For SUV No Hitch 2021

(Last Updated On: February 5, 2021)

Are you planning to get on a camping trip or weekend getaway? When it comes to packing all your equipment and gear for the trip, the first thing you are always conscious about is to choose the open locations or spaces. For mountain biking, you have to protectively let your bike get transported into the SUV or car.

If you look around, you will find various models of bicycle racks out of which you can choose the one according to your requirements and suitability level. You should search for the one which can easily get fitted into your car, stand on your budget, and is easy to install.

To help you a bit, here we have shared a list of Best Bike Racks For SUV No Hitch reviews to choose your favorite one right now

Best Bike Racks For SUV No Hitch (Comparison)

Bike RackCapacity 
Allen Sports Premier S-10235 lbs Per Bike Check Price
Saris Bones EX 80435 lbs Per Bike Check Price
Hollywood Racks F435 lbs Per Bike Check Price


Allen Sports Premier S-102

Allen Sports Premier S-102

On the top of the list, we have this outstanding bike rack, which is capable enough to accommodate 2, 3, or 4 bikes on the basis of the model selected. Allen Sports Premier S-102 is compatible with sedans, hatchbacks, and minivans or SUVs. This rack has been designed in such a way where you can choose to easily install it without any sort of hassle.

Weight Capacity

It basically works as the two bike model, which is adjusted with 12-inch carry arms with a weight capacity of 70 pounds. Another major reason for its high popularity has been its solid construction, which has made it so much in demand.


You don’t need to hassle yourself into any sort of trouble to look for the tools for setting it up. Taking your bikes out of the rack is so much simple and effortless.

Extra Security

Moreover, it has tie-down cradles that securely protect your bikes where it features extra-large padding with which you can protect the vehicle paint. There is even a little of the creaking or the swinging while driving it.


Due to its versatile nature, you can make beneficial use of this rack on various vehicles. You will definitely find it lightweight and portable to take along with you during travel. Plus, it allows you to fold it easily and make it storable. You can also open the rack with the help of two large, spring-loaded clips.


One major problem with this rack is that it would be a little challenging for you if you will use it over some SUV. It became uneasy for you to remove it from the bikes. Moreover, there is also a need for the tube adapter for the ladies’ bikes, and you should not be using it on an SUV through the spoiler, which is above the rear window; otherwise, it can damage the spoiler.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Easy To FoldExpensive For Some Customers
Lightweight & Portable
Adjustable Straps




Saris Bones EX 804

Saris Bones EX 804

Saris Bones EX 804 rack has been known to be a flexible and adaptable rack that is compatible with most vehicles. It is attached with the padded frame with which you can have it fitted over different areas of the vehicle. This can be at the license plate or at the rear windshield. You will find that it has been suspended by the five straps, which is basically a combination of tension straps and frame supports. This will provide the whole rack with a stable foundation for carrying the weight of a maximum of 4 bikes.

Supportive Arms

The support arms of this rack are around 12 inches. It creates a flexible space for mounting the clips for the bike frames. Plus, these support arms will also support the bike without showing any sort of interference in the seat, handlebars, and wheels. The rack has the capacity to support a weight of up to 70 pounds.

Durable Construction

The Bones 2 has been designed just to deliver the best of the support where you have to be sure that the lower arms have contacted the bumper. It does not involve the trunk lid or hatch of your vehicle. Attachment of this rack is included with the durable nylon straps, which you can use to secure the rack with your vehicle.


Plus, the whole process of the installation is so much straightforward but make sure you follow the manual guide and instructions carefully.


Similar to most of the trunk-mounted racks, the entire stability of the Bones is depending on the proper placement of straps. Straps are made out of metal, which can also lead to face scratches on the vehicle surface. Therefore, it is important to add some sort of electrical tape or use other supports such as bungee cords to fully secure everything together without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

LightweightNot Easy To Adjust
Rust Free
Fits Most Vehicles




Hollywood Racks F4

Hollywood Racks F4

On the basis of the model you purchase, Hollywood Racks F4 bike rack has the capacity of holding either 2-3 bikes. It is included with the rubber anti-sway cradles as well as EPDM rubber straps. Moreover, it has the capacity where it can hold the capacity of 35 pounds per bicycle.

Foldable Nature

The best thing about this product rack is that it folds flat and yet can be pre-assembled easily. This makes it easy for the user to hence store it without any sort of hassle.

Durable Construction

Due to its sturdy and long-lasting nature, it is becoming extremely popular.


Mount and bike will never move when you are driving it in normal conditions. You can easily put on and remove the rack without any hassle. In this way, you will be able to protect your vehicle as well as the bike.


One major issue with this bike rack is that you should use a special adapter so you can hold the women and kid’s bikes. It might even rub the paint off from the vehicle. The mount is also lacking protective foam.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

DurableSpecial Adapter Needed For Women & Kids Bike
Quick To Install & Remove
Takes Little Space By Folding Up




How To Choose Best Bike Rack For SUV Without Hitch? – Buying Guide

Let’s point out a few of the important elements which you should consider when choosing the best bike rack for SUV no hitch: Let’s have a look below.

  • Bikes

How many bikes will you be transporting? Are you looking to go on solo adventures at the weekend to break out from work colleagues and household for a couple of hours? Do you wish to go exploring with your associate to areas you have heard about, however by no means clearly seen? Looking for an undertaking that the entire family can be part of? Whatever you are trying to do, there are bike racks that cater to your needs.

Without declaring the obvious, there is no factor in you forking out the cash for a four-person bike rack if you will just require it to preserve one bike, and you don’t favor the frustration of ordering a bike rack for the household to find out that the rack just holds two bikes.

  • Women-friendly

Certain bike services do not respect bikes with handlebars stereotypically related to women’s bikes.  If this is the case for any of the specific bike racks, it will hence continually be noted inside its complete on-line information, so it’s continually well worth checking if you will have women’s or even the teenage lady’s bikes in tow.

You don’t favor a long trip to be hindered through this, and persevering with to use a bike rack when it has been referred to a bike kind does not comply with it can be extremely hazardous on the roads.

  • Anti-rust

If you are known to be an all-weather bike owner or like biking in such areas of excessive salt, as locations positioned closer to the beach, then it would be best and well worth for you investing in any of the models, which is an anti-rust bike rack.

Not just will this defend the bike rack, maintaining it more advantageous and safer for longer durations of time however it will additionally end you from having to spend extra cash having to change your bike rack when corrosion occurs, and protection will become a problem quickly.

  • Rear Access

If you go biking in a number region and additionally take your dogs, then it is properly well worth wondering about buying a bike rack that nevertheless permits you to get access to the rear of your automobile without having to dismantle the whole bike rack. This will provide you big amount of time and will hence stop you from getting frustrated.

This is additionally quite a lot magnificent even if you don’t have the puppies; however, you may additionally be yet going on long trips and want something out of your rear luggage. If you don’t have to yet take off the bike rack to hence discover something in the boot, it is simply so easy.

  • Fittings

If you are the driver of an SUV, you want to make sure that the bike rack in query is like-minded with an SUV. You have to additionally be conscious that the majority of bike racks do no longer go well with any vehicle with a spoiler as they do no longer connect safely and securely to the vehicle to transport the bikes cautiously to your chosen destination.

In the product description of all bike racks, it is continually distinctive as to what vehicle the bike rack in query is appropriate for.  Be sure to take a look at it earlier than you make plans and spend cash so that you are not disillusioned when a non-compatible bike rack arrives at your house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For how long can you use a bike rack?

This will vary on the kind of bike you are using. Manufacturers will warranty you for a duration of a maximum of 5 years, but most of the racks will last for even a long time.

Can you drive easily with an empty bike rack?

Blocking the whole license plate is not the just way with which the bike rack will violate the law. Some of the states will require the bike rack to be removed off when they are not in use. This means that you should not be driving with an empty bike rack.

How many bikes can you carry?

Almost all the rack models have the capacity to carry almost 3 bikes. But if you are considering putting more than 4 bikes, then racks are not the right option. For that sake, you should be considering to use the hitch rack or the combination of trunk & roof racks.

Do all bike racks damage your car?

Trunk mounted bike rack can easily damage your car if the bikes are not given the proper security. If the front wheel of your bike is able enough to move, they can rub the paint against the wheel, which can damage it. This can result in scratches or fading as well.



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