Best Bike Racks For A Hatchback 2021

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)

As we plan to travel on roads, then the first interesting medium of transportation that comes to our mind is the bike. It won’t just allow you to sight-see some best destinations but even help you to save money as well. But as at one time it is giving you a whole new adventurous experience, then at the same time it can be a trouble for you.

The backside of your car has enough space with which you can slide your bike in your car and close the trunk. You have to dismantle the whole bike and fold it so you can accommodate in its space.

One of the better solution would be to choose the Best Bike Racks For A Hatchback. It normally works as the bike carriers that are usually installed at the backside of the car. Bike racks are divided into three main types, namely:

  • Roof racks – these racks are installed on the roof.
  • Hitch bike racks – these racks are installed on the hitch of the car.
  • Trunk bike racks – these racks are installed on the top truck of the car.

To help you more with your selection choices, here we have compiled a list of top bike racks for hatchback reviews to choose your favorite one right now.

Best Bike Racks For A Hatchback (Comparison)

Bike RackMax Capacity 
Allen Sports S-102 Premier70 lbs (35 x 2) Check Price
Saris Bones EX 80470 lbs (35 x 2) Check Price
Thule Passage 911XT70 lbs (35 x 2) Check Price


Allen Sports S-102 Premier

Allen Sports S-102 Premier

On the top of the list, we have the name of S-102 Premier Trunk Mounted Bike Rack by Allen Sports. This rack has been designed in such a way where it will allow you to get fitted on the rear side of your vehicle and can easily carry almost two bikes. You can easily fit it over the backside of your compact cars with the trunks as well as hatchbacks or even the SUVs with the vertical rear trunk or the window.

You can attach the rack through five adjustable straps as well as two “feet” with the rubber protectors. These protectors will rest all against the rear side of the vehicle. Bikes will be attached with the rack all through the rubber mounts on which the bike will rest on. Two rubber straps will hold the bike securely towards the mounts.


The whole dimension of the rack folds flat and is small. You will definitely find it lightweight and portable to take along with you during travel. Plus, it allows you to fold it easily and make it storable. You can also open the rack with the help of two large, spring-loaded clips.

Once this top-quality function is verified, it is locked into the area with effortless flip wing adjustment knobs. Then there is also the access of one-button connection for the provider’s arms, permitting for the immediate installation, or elimination and movement of the fingers to the side, then down and out of the way for parking conditions with the service on, however just empty of bikes.

It additionally features slim cradle arms, successful in keeping a wider vary of bike frames inclusive of smaller infant frames. Most astonishing of its features have been the no-sway cage feature. Attaching and extending the below side of the rubberized cradles, which is helpful you’re your bike body and yet connect to the service arms. Adjustable no-sway attachments dramatically limit the bike body movement as front-to-back as well as side-to-side.

To protect the glass finishing of your vehicle, you will find the attachment of rubber mounts on the rack. Due to the visible red ends on top of the mounts, no one will be able to jump their vehicle on your bike.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Easy To FoldMetal Clips Without Any Rubber Coating
Lightweight & Portable
Rubber Feet To Protect The Paint Job




Saris Bones EX 804

Saris Bones EX 804

On the 2nd spot, we have the name of Saris Bones EX 804 Trunk Bike Rack Carrier, which is another best quality bike rack for the hatchback! It basically works as the trunk mount rack where it uses the contact with the rear bumper of your vehicle for some support. The reason why it has become so much popular is due to its highly adjustable nature and best fit for all sorts of vehicles. It has the capability where it can hold the hold by its top tube. This will enable the vehicle to have direct contact with the frame.


You will definitely find this rack carrier best suited for hardtail mountain bikes or road bikes as it is available in more traditional frame shapes. Because of being lightweight, it is easy for the biker where you can load or unload it without any hassle. Plus, you can also avoid the removal of the front wheel, which is not needed in this rack.

The Bones 2 has been designed just to deliver the best of the support where you have to be sure that the lower arms have contacted the bumper. It does not involve the trunk lid or hatch of your vehicle. Attachment of this rack is included with the durable nylon straps, which you can use to secure the rack with your vehicle.

Almost 6 various attachment points are being utilized. Over the main body of your vehicle, three different straps are threaded together. Each of the straps has a hook & cam lock buckle, which is on each end. You can use this rack best for carrying road bikes or as hardtail mountain bikes.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

LightweightNot Easy To Adjust
No Need For Wheel RemovalNot Suitable For Speeds Over 65 mph




Thule Passage 911XT

Thule Passage 911XT

The Thule Passage 911XT Bike Trunk Mount Carrier is known to be an easy-to-install and use trunk rack service with value-added aspects. This makes it come about to be the best preference for the up-and-coming as well as household oriented cyclists. It is best designed for both two and three bikes stowed over the rear exterior of your vehicle. At this point, it will offer durable rubber cradles for protecting the bike frames while at the same time maintaining them securely.

The Thule Passage 2-Bike and 3-Bike Trunk Mount Carriers are also included with the two as well as three bicycle carrying capacity. They will make the usage of Thule’s easy-to-use system of patented FitDial hub adjustment gadget, which is the best fit for your entire vehicle exterior. This will also involve speedy set up as well as various push-button function for the attachment and detachment of the provider’s arms.


They additionally perform extra smooth rubberized cradles that fully lock down bikes while allowing the entire adjustment alongside the bike arm or no-sway Cages that notably reduces the body movement to maintain your bicycles from damaging or colliding. The Thule Passage additionally offers you a super-stable match to your car with six straps, a traditional black end that appears magnificent on each car, and a most carrying potential of 70 lbs.

Trunk mount carriers do not require a roof rack, are effortless to deploy, and provide effortless get access to bikes. This makes them so much common, specifically when it comes to the new cyclists or the families where they can additionally be known as the least steady or awkward selections on the road.

The Thule Passage Bike Trunk Mount Carrier is one of the most recommended due to the no-sway and no problem usability. It shortly secures to trunk and/or hatchback seams with more than one straps simply like different carriers in its class. However, additionally consists of special setup features.

The first of these is known as the wing adjustment knob, as well as the FitDial combo with the suggested numerical positions for unique vehicles. This hence limits the trial and error in how the service provider should lay in opposition to your vehicle.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Easy Access With Tilt Release DesignNone That We Could Find
Tool-free Installation



Major Factors To Consider When Buying Bike Racks For Cars

  • Locking Cables

These are known to be the built-in security devices with which you can wrap a durable chain all-around your bike and get it locked in one place. This lets your bike stays protected from getting theft. But you will only find this feature to be part of the bikes of modern models. So make sure that your selected rack is already equipped with the access cable.

  • Strong Securing Points

This is considered to be an important element because, with the help of these points, you can easily have the rack secured with the bike. Securing points will help your bike to stay secure in one place without damaging the wheels, frame, or paintwork. You should never underestimate the entire holding power required as either. Never opt for the rack if it is not available with the securing points.

  • Padded Securing Points

If you have been looking for any rack that fully holds the bike through the use of a top tube, you should then additionally look for the one that has the padding on top of its securing points. This can, in reality, assist to fully defend your paintwork when you are all the more locking the bike into place.

  • Anti-Sway Cages

There are yet a few of the major distinctive approaches that racks can be all best designed to decrease sway. However, an anti-sway cage is known to be the most broadly used. In particular, you will probably be finding these all on the rack designs that hence, all in all, keep the top tube. However, rear-mounted designs that fully lock the wheels can somehow additionally benefit from the series of built-in anti-sway tech.

In essence, it is simply going to help you to hold the bike secure in the set of the rack as you drive. This has the twin benefit of not at all permitting the bikes to affect the vehicle coping with (especially at dual carriageway speeds) and yet also stops the bikes from knocking into each other.

  • Car Attachment Points

Just as the rack needs to have a proper technique of attaching to your bike, it has to fully connect to the car. How it does this will completely rely on the model of rack that has been used (more on that in a moment). Generally talking though, you will favor all the factors the rack simply touches your vehicle to be ideally padded, or at the very much least tipped or lined in plastic. This is yet going to protect your whole vehicle paintwork from any sort of damage.


Can bike racks easily damage your car?

Such trunk-mounted bike racks can equally damage your car if you have not fully secured your bike. If your bike’s front wheel is capable of moving, it will be easily rubbed all against the paint while you are driving. This can somehow result in the fading of paint or scratches over time.

Why are bike racks so much costly?

Such platform styles of racks are always considered to be best in view with the usability and bikes. On the basis of such features, the overall cost of the rack will be pricey. Each of the bikes has been secured independently. Hence, the increased complexity and pieces that are needed to build this whole rack style will definitely raise the production cost significantly.

Is it safe to use trunk bike racks?

Cradles and arms are excellent when it comes to giving your bike ultimate support. If not done properly, then it will let the bike to sway or shift while driving. Moreover, the trunk racks’ entire design will also make it intricate to lock the bikes if security is the main concern.

What is the approximate speed limit for the bike rack?

The course of maximum speed in the bike rack should be at least 120 km/h.



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